Hardcore Gangbang Parodies porn video

Coming to Sugar Unlimited in May: ‘Hardcore Gangbang Parodies’ & More

New content is added to Sugar Unlimited each and every day! Want to know what fresh new movies you can expect to see in May? Find out in this monthly rundown of highlight porn titles we’ll be incorporating into Sugar Unlimited’s incredible catalog.

Hardcore Gangbang Parodies Vol. 1

Hardcore Gangbang Parodies Vol. 1 porn video

Admit it! You’ve had a few naughty thoughts about that classic cartoon bombshell: Jessica Rabbit. Well,  you’re not alone, and Kink puts her into an eyepopping BDSM scenario in this selection of spoof scenes. Also included are parodies of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Wet Hot American Summer.

The Business Of Women

The Business Of Women porn video

Girlsway took center stage with this early effort from their catalog, a provocative all-girl rumination on the nature of power.


Daydreaming porn video

If your daydreams turn lusty (and don’t they all?), they probably look something like the sequences contained in this movie. Only in a movie this glamorous could sex on a staircase look so alluring!

Sugar Babies: A Cautionary Tale

Sugar Babies: A Cautionary Tale porn video

Just as The Business of Women established Girlsway as a force to be reckoned with, so, too, did Sugar Babies make audiences take notice of Pretty Dirty (made by the same creative team that made Girlsway and several other popular imprints). Penny Pax is given one of her juiciest roles since Submission of Emma Marx!

Also coming in May:

As Natural As They Cum (ArchAngel)

Private Sex Society (Adam & Eve)

She Seduced Me (Web Young)

When It Comes To You (Wicked Pictures)

and many more!

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Barbarella XXX porn video

Top Porn Picks! New to Sugar Apr. 26: ‘Barbarella XXX’ & More

New content is added to Sugar Instant’s Unlimited subscription service every single day! In this weekly rundown, we handpick four of the top porn picks of the week, movies you will not want to miss.

Barbarella XXX: An Axel Braun Parody parody porn video from Wicked Pictures.Barbarella XXX: An Axel Braun Parody

Why to watch: The inspiration for Barbarella, a 1968 sci-fi classic starring Jane Fonda, has largely fallen out of the popular consciousness, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t make for excellent porn spoof fodder! Riley Steele is arguably even more of an overt bombshell than Fonda was in her prime, making this required watching even for those who aren’t fond of the porn parody genre. There are many surreal moments, including a bizarre sequence that finds Steele fellating a duo of men wearing what can only be described as Santa Claus suits. Oh, and keep an eye out for Tera Patrick in a rare post-retirement cameo appearance!


Beautiful Assets porn video from Holly Randall Productions.Beautiful Assets

Why to watch: Ever looked at a copy of Playboy? If you’re a male above a certain age, we can confidently predict that the answer is yes. Remember how vivid and alluring those classic center pictorials always looked? Photographer Holly Randall was responsible for many of the amazing photos that graced Playboy‘s pages over the years, and watching her scenes and movies is akin to seeing those classic pictorials spring to life. Most of the material in Beautiful Assets was shot several years ago, meaning you get a window into  great stars in their absolute prime, shot by an incredible photographer in Randall. Beautiful Assets refers to the luscious features of the stars it spotlights, but the movie’s greatest asset is Randall herself!

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Fucking Fit porn video from G.O.O.D. Porn Productions.Fucking Fit

Why to watch: Without wishing to sound too vulgar about it, repeated viewings of Fucking Fit will help you target the muscles in your dominant hand . . . if you take our meaning! In the agreeably zany upside-world of Fucking Fit, every aspect of working out is simply a lead-up to sex. (Oh, if only it were that way in the real world! Workouts make us want to shower and take a nap.) The movie allows you to sample such delights as petite Dakota Skye in tight-fitting exercise gear, Rachele Richey‘s enormous breasts tumbling out of her top while she tries to do a push-up, and other assorted visual treats. Fitness yields to pleasure every single time . . . and what could be better than that?

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Girls With Huge Boobs hairy porn video from James Deen Productions.Girls With Huge Boobs

Why to watch: Speaking of push-ups, we’re pretty sure that if any of the ladies in this movie tried to do the exercises Rachele Richey attemps in Fucking Fit, they’d suffer her same fate. You have to admire the clarity and simplicity of the title of this movie from James Deen Productions. It possesses a pleasing candor that mirrors the snarky charm of the label’s founder. In most scenes, he opens up with his trademark banter, but in a few cases (including the Ava Addams scene), he can’t resist getting right down to the action. Really, though, who can blame him? (Incidentally, Ava’s boobs are featured on the movie’s cover, in case you were wondering.)

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Also new this week: Teen Massage, Maid Rules, Bra Busters 

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The Submission of Emma Marx porn video

Sugar Porn Favorites: ‘The Submission of Emma Marx’

The Submission of Emma Marx from New Sensations

Origins/background: Emma Marx emerged from New Sensations exec Scott Taylor’s suggestion that writer Jacky St. James explore a BDSM/50 Shades-style scenario as a potential New Sensations feature. St. James was not a fan of 50 Shades and became determined to construct a more honest, provocative depiction of the BDSM themes that made E.L. James’s books such a mega-hit franchise. “I didn’t know anything about BDSM. I hated 50 Shades of Grey – I thought it was the worst book ever written. I went on message boards and forums within the BDSM community and I was trying to educate myself, because I knew nothing,” St. James told Adult Empire in a 2014 interview.

Memorable scene(s):  As befits the escalating nature of its story (that of a naive, young woman being introduced to BDSM by a mysterious older man), the final scene is the most spectacular. Mr. Frederick (Richie Calhoun) guides Emma (Penny Pax) through temperature play involving skillful application of ice cubes and candle wax. (scene starts at 01:26:47)

Scene breakdown: Boy/girl (4)

Trivia: Remy LaCroix and Xander Corvus were St. James’s original choices for the leads ultimately played by Penny Pax and Richie Calhoun, but both LaCroix and Corvus proved unavailable. It may have been a happy accident of fate, though! “I can’t even imagine anyone being able to bring what they brought to the movie. Not Xander, not Remy – it was really Penny and Richie’s movie all along, and they just had it so that it worked out perfectly,” St. James said.

Director’s chair: Though she has since matured into one of porn’s most popular and acclaimed porn directors, St. James was new to behind-the-camera work at the time the first Emma Marx was filmed. As a result, she shared a co-director credit with industry veteran Eddie Powell, who helped her with the technical side of porn filmmaking.

Quotable: “I think the mistake that’s often made is that subs in these movies are depicted as being the weaker one, the one that has no control or power when in actuality the sub has all the power. They have the power to say no, but they want to please, so that’s why they do some of the things that they do. So for me, I just wanted to be as true to the community as I could be, and to be as true to those kind of relationships as I could be.” –Jacky St. James (Adult Empire interview)

Sequels: The saga of Emma Marx didn’t stop at volume one! Her story continued in three sequels.

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Beautiful Tits Vol. 6 porn video starring Sarah Vandella

Top Porn Picks! New to Sugar Apr. 19: ‘Beautiful Tits Vol. 6’ & More

New content is added to Sugar Instant’s Unlimited subscription service every single day! In this weekly rundown, we handpick four of the top porn picks of the week, movies you will not want to miss.

Beautiful Tits Vol. 6 lesbian porn video from ArchAngel.Beautiful Tits Vol. 6

Why to watch: “I’m just going to take some notes based on what I’m seeing,” says the lovely London River at the beginning of her scene with Danny Mountain. She’s an accountant who is trying to get Danny’s finances in order, busily applying herself to the task of inspecting his bank statements and figures. Danny, meanwhile, takes his own notes about London’s “figure,” as it were, staring lustily at her DD chest. The humor in this visual pun is only the beginning of the entertainment value in Beautiful Tits Vol. 6, the latest installment in a series we hope continues for a long, long time. ArchAngel saves the most impressive assets for last in a final scene pairing cover performer Sarah Vandella with Lucas Frost.


My Stepmom Showed Me The Ropes porn video from Family Hookups.My Stepmom Showed Me The Ropes

Why to watch: There are many things you can learn from your stepmom! For instance, if she’s handy in the kitchen, she might be able to show you how to whip up a delectable meal for the whole family. The stars of this movie from Family Hookups are likely to learn everything in an entirely different place in the house: the bedroom. Boy/girl/girl threesomes are the order of the day here, in the familiar pattern of a mom interrupting two younger lovers before tossing aside her inhibitions and showing them how it’s really done.

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Raunchy Redheads porn video from Penthouse.Raunchy Redheads

Why to watch: “I wish to the Lord, Mr. Wilson, that I was a red-headed.” So says Vincent Spaulding in “The Red-Headed League,” one of the most famous stories dedicated to the gingers of the world. Given how many pornstars dye their hair red at one point or another during their careers (Veronica Avluv and Britney Amber come to mind), many people seem to share Spaulding’s sentiment. In Raunchy Redheads, however, you’ll find a roster of (mostly) natural redheads, getting up to all the mischief and mayhem you’d expect. We were particularly smitten with the redhead-on-redhead lesbian fun in the movie’s final scene, with a bright blue carpet backdrop helping to make all the action pop right off the screen.

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Older Wiser Hornier hairy porn video from JoyBear Pictures.Older Wiser Hornier

Why to watch: JoyBear is unusually good at finding a theme that matches their overall underlying message. There’s always something extra to contemplate in a JoyBear movie, beyond the simple gratification of seeing beautiful people have sex (and that’s a wonderful gratification in and of itself, of course). In this collection celebrating the company’s 15 years of porn filmmaking, JoyBear fixes onto the appropriate theme of experience, by spotlighting mature performers whose know-how mirrors that of JoyBear itself. From Aleena Jonez‘s video diary (and hookup) in scene one to Rebecca More‘s assertive turn in “Queen of the Wags” (scene five), you’ll be glad to be along for the ride . . . and you may learn a thing or two! Experience counts, after all.

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Also new this week: Interracial Edition, Stocking Seduction, and Anal Loving Lingerie Models

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Batman v. Superman XXX porn video

Top Three Cosplay Porn Videos

Feeling like an “adult” game of dress-up? Check out the top three most popular cosplay porn videos on Sugar Instant. (And don’t miss our ongoing sale on cosplay throughout April.)

Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody

Though made under 10 years ago, Star Wars XXX still feels epic in a way that recalls the era when porn budgets often swelled to six figures or more. Allie Haze makes a very fetching Princess Leia, and if you’ve ever wondered what exactly Darth Vader is hiding behind those black cloaks of his, well, wonder no longer! The costumes here are as impressive as those of the 1977 original, meaning this is still the definitive Star Wars porn spoof, despite numerous impressive attempts by other studios over the years.

Scooby Doo: A XXX Parody

Ruh-roh! The Saturday morning cartoon becomes a favorite for Saturday after midnight. Scooby’s absence on the cover clues you in to the fact that the famous canine does not actually appear in the movie! New Sensations cleverly concocts a plot that revolves around the search for a missing Scooby, sparing us the spectacle of a big, loping animated dog interspersed with sex scenes. Scooby is not prime material for porn spoofing, but New Sensations does a bang-up job with it, providing bright-eyed performances and love scenes from Bree Olson, Lily LaBeau, and more.

Batman V. Superman XXX: An Axel Braun Parody

The Dark Knight will rise . . . boy, will he ever! This kind of comic-book adventure is pure catnip for cosplay fans, with appearances by not only the title characters but also Wonder Woman (busty Alison Tyler, perfectly cast), Harley Quinn (Kleio Valentien in perhaps her most memorable performance), and more. It’s no coincidence that two of the three movies on this list were directed by Axel Braun, who has shown a particular knack for this kind of material. There are rumors that he’ll soon mount still more cosplay madness in a Batwoman feature starring Charlotte Stokely. We have little doubt that those movies will eventually find their place on Sugar’s list of cosplay bestsellers.

Browse more cosplay porn videos here.

Lesbian Bachelorette porn video

Top Porn Picks! New to Sugar Apr. 12: ‘The Lesbian Bachelorette’ & More

New content is added to Sugar Instant’s Unlimited subscription service every single day! In this weekly rundown, we handpick four of the top porn picks of the week, movies you will not want to miss.

The Lesbian Bachelorette lesbian porn video from Viv Thomas.The Lesbian Bachelorette

Why to watch: Alexa Tomas has a doozy of an entrance in The Lesbian Bachelorette. She plays the object of desire for a young lesbian fiancee (Michelle H., aka Red Fox) who is keen to have one final fling before she strolls down the aisle. (The romance of the brides-to-be is memorably recapped by a montage set to the lyrical tones of Edvard Grieg’s famous “Morning Mood.”) Tomas walks slowly down a staircase onto the screen as her body comes into view one step at a time. Michelle is understandably smitten, and so are we! Alex’s presence is the secret sauce in most of the sex scenes here, as she mingles with Michelle, fiancee Lena, Zoe Doll, and then finally Michelle and Lena both at once. Classical music presides over a happy ending as this elegant effort from Viv Thomas draws to a close.


The Three of Us 5 porn video from Porn Pros.The Three of Us 5

Why to watch: If you prefer your threesomes squarely in the boy/girl/girl category, you’ll want to soak up every installment of Porn ProsThe Three of Us videos. In this 2016 edition of a series that has since swelled to 10 movies, Porn Pros presents four threesomes with all the elements that have made the sequence of movies such a success: beautiful HD videography, gorgeous and enthusiastic performers, and a few twists and turns to mix things up. Scene one incorporates use of a strap-on dildo, which is applied to maximum effect by the performers featured in the scene (Alexis Adams and Karter Foxx). It’s true that threesome movies can be hit or miss, but The Three of Us 5 falls firmly in the former group.

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Private Spa massage porn video from Sinful XXX.A Private Spa

Why to watch: If you’re not watching Sinful XXX, you are missing out on one of porn’s best-kept secrets! They may not grab AVN headlines like Blacked‘s popular videos or have the mystique of Mason‘s HardX movies, but in their own way, Sinful XXX’s efforts are just as memorable. They have somehow managed to create a lighting scheme that evokes the dimmed rooms and romance of everyone’s most intimate memories, yet there’s never any sense that we’re being shortchanged on visceral impact. There’s a temptation in porn to bathe everything in dazzling bright light to show every naughty detail. Sinful XXX moves in the opposite direction, with a play of light and shadow that brings to mind some of the great Hollywood cinematographers. A Private Spa is no exception: it bubbles with passion and eroticism as its primary players enjoy trysts in the titular getaway. It’s billed as a couples/made for women porno, but fellas, you’ll love this one, too!

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Hair Down There hairy porn video from New Sensations.Hair Down There

Why to watch: Sometimes you have to wonder how they manage to get the camera so close to the action in porn movies. Hair Down There features such tight shots of hairy vaginas that they border on XXX versions of the “guess what these are” puzzles on the backs of old magazines and quiz websites. This is exactly the sort of intimate proximity a true hair lover will enjoy most, of course, and it’s shot with the usual care and professionalism of the New Sensations brand. Unsurprisingly, cover performer Mia Malkova makes the most memorable impression, in a scene where she (and her beautiful unshaven bush) are matched with Jordan Ash.

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Also new this week: Enchanted Arms, Dirty Talkin’ Stepdaughters 8, and Ski, Sex & Fun!

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Peter Pan XXX porn video

Sugar Porn Favorites: ‘Peter Pan XXX’

 Peter Pan XXX: An Axel Braun Parody from Wicked Pictures.

Origins/background: Peter Pan came along in 2015 as the fourth in the Wicked Fairy Tales line. Director Axel Braun had a longstanding enthusiasm for the material, as he told AVN when the movie was announced: “Peter Pan was by far my favorite fairy tale as a kid. The idea of being able to never grow up and live forever on a beautiful island surrounded by sexy mermaids was very appealing to me, and Tinker Bell was definitely one of my first sexual fantasies, so I’m obviously very excited about bringing this project to life.”

Tagline: Wordplay based on one of the most famous lines from J.M. Barrie’s original Peter Pan: “Second Star To The Right And Hard On ‘Til Morning.”

Casting: Riley Steele, then a contract star in the midst of a series of memorable roles in spoofs and parodies, plays Tinker Bell, with Scottish stud Ryan Ryder (later to win AVN’s 2018 Male Foreign Performer of the Year prize) in the title role. The movie breaks with the long stage tradition of casting a female performer as Peter Pan.

Quotable: “Some projects just come together in a way that is simply magical, and Peter Pan XXX is definitely one of those. The amount of collective effort and passion that went into the making of this movie is palpable in every frame, and as critical as I notoriously am of my own work, I can honestly say this is one of my favorites ever.” (Axel Braun)

Trivia: The movie was mentioned by Film School Rejects (a mainstream cinema blog) as evidence for the improving quality of porn parodies.

Memorable scene: Tinker Bell flutters in to visit Captain Hook (Steven St. Croix), who gets a lot more than he bargained for. “How big can you get?” Tink ponders. (Very big!)  (starts at time code 00:36:15)

Scene breakdown: boy/girl (2), boy/girl/girl (2) boy/boy/boy/girl (1)

Awards: The movie won awards at AVN, XBIZ, and XRCO, including the AVN statuettes for Best Parody and Movie of the Year.

The critics said: “While some might be turned off by the entire Peter Pan premise, as I initially was, this film is actually quite good, and the sex and cast are certainly hot. For those who enjoy parodies, Disney’s stories, Keira Nicole, and/or Riley Steele, this one’s worthy of a look.” (Adult DVD Talk)

Related movies: Cinderella XXX, Snow White XXX

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Mother-Son Secrets #5 porn video starring Jodi West

Top Porn Picks! New to Sugar Apr. 5: ‘Mother-Son Secrets #5’ & More

New content is added to Sugar Instant’s Unlimited subscription service every single day! In this weekly rundown, we handpick four of the top porn picks of the week, movies you will not want to miss.

Mother-Son Secrets #5 family roleplay porn video from Forbidden Fruits Films.Mother-Son Secrets #5

Why to watch: If Levi Cash and Jodi West ever decide to get out of the porn business, they should consider a career as a comedy duo. Their shtick as long-suffering stepmom and bumbling, lovable oaf stepson is always enjoyable to behold, to say nothing of the sex that follows. Scene one of this 2013 effort from Forbidden Fruits Films finds Jodi reluctantly hosting her stepson when he needs a place to stay after his electricity is shut off. She tries to park him on the living-room couch, but wily ol’ Levi sneaks into Jodi’s bedroom . . . and, well, you know the rest! In scene two, naughty Jodi slips her witless stepson some ED pills, and then helps him out when he can’t get rid of the resulting hard-on. The pure zaniness and humor of Forbidden Fruits movies always makes them a fun addition to any watch list.


Secret Diary of a Porn Star porn video from Television X.Secret Diary of a Porn Star

Why to watch: If you leafed through the journal of a pornstar, what salacious revelations might you find there? British babe Michelle Moist opens up her diary to give you a glimpse into the passions of her private life. Each scene begins with narration by Moist as she gives an overview of one of her latest hookups. There’s the friendly lad she meets in a coffee shop (she ends up spread-eagled on his kitchen counter), the naughty girl she finds masturbating during a photoshoot, and more. Each episode helps to form a loosely constructed story about Moist’s life, career, and lovers. It all wraps up with a dalliance in the woods with Pascal White (billed as Moist’s college fuck buddy despite a noticeable age gap).

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Ashly Anderson in Submissive Daughter family roleplay porn video from Taboo Heat.Ashly Anderson in Submissive Daughter

Why to watch: Midway through Submissive Daughter, Ashly Anderson stares off into the distance and says, “Why does Daddy keep doing this to me?” Daddy has some urges he isn’t able to suppress, that’s for sure! Luke Longly‘s father character is so handsy he makes Joe Biden look like the Venus de Milo. It doesn’t stop at copping a feel, of course, as Dad proceeds to strip Ashly nude and have his way with her over and over, in the kitchen, bedroom, living room, and more. His goal is to make her fully submissive, and by the movie’s end, when Anderson loyally takes Longly’s load squarely on her tongue, it seems his campaign has succeeded. We await the sequel, where the never-seen mother presumably gets roped into the family’s taboo shenanigans.

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Air B And Bang British porn video from Spizoo.Air B And Bang

Why to watch: As you might imagine, it’s kind of like Airbnb, just with a lot less lounging around and a lot more, well, bangin’. All four scenes are set in the same elegant house, which finds itself being rented out to the horniest series of guests in hospitality history. Carolina Sweets, looking cute and sounding very sexy with her breathy Jennifer Tilly voice, hopes to score a room for college but finds the rates are too high. Can she negotiate a cheaper rate by using her considerable charms? Codey Steele (who repeatedly sizes Sweets up like a construction worker would a passing supermodel) is about to find out! Other scenes find amorous guests being interrupted by shocked homeowners who can’t resist joining the illicit fun. Renting an Airbnb isn’t nearly this fun in real life, but it really should be, don’t you think?

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Also new this week: D Cup Teens, Secrets of My Stepdaughter, and Naughty Natural Nurses

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Riley Steele pornstar

Coming to Sugar Unlimited in April: ‘Barbarella XXX’ & More

New content is added to Sugar Unlimited each and every day! Want to know what fresh new movies you can expect to see in April? Find out in this monthly rundown of highlight porn titles we’ll be incorporating into Sugar Unlimited’s incredible catalog.

Barbarella XXX

Barbarella XXX porn video

The original Barbarella was known for one of Jane Fonda’s sexiest roles, but there’s no matching Riley Steele in the porn spoof! Axel Braun‘s space epic is one of the most memorable in the Wicked canon of movies.

Beautiful Tits Vol. 6

Beautiful Tits Vol. 6porn video

Just the tease sequences alone would be enough to make this one of April’s most anticipated Sugar additions of the month. Really, who doesn’t like a beautiful pair of boobs? ArchAngel‘s series continues in its sixth installment.

Michelle James and Kara Lee in Breaking Our Daughters

Michelle James and Kara Lee in Breaking Our Daughters porn video

The calm silence of the Taboo Heat household will be broken by Luke Longly‘s demands for intra-family fun. They may resist at first, but this is one dad who always gets his way.

Older Wiser Hornier

Older Wiser Hornier porn video

British studio JoyBear celebrates its history with select scenes from its 15 years in the industry. The emphasis here is on mature and MILF lovers whose experience and know-how mirrors that of JoyBear itself.

Also coming in April:

Shoplyfter 2 (Crave Media)

The Three of Us 5 (Porn Pros)

Enchanted Arms (Adam & Eve)

Bra Busters (Digital Sin)

Anal Avenue Sluts (Perv City)

and many more!

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Horizon porn video

Top Porn Picks! New to Sugar Mar. 29: ‘Horizon’ & More

New content is added to Sugar Instant’s Unlimited subscription service every single day! In this weekly rundown, we handpick four of the top porn picks of the week, movies you will not want to miss.

Horizon feature porn video from Wicked Pictures.Horizon

Why to watch: Budgetary concerns mean that sci-fi epics are increasingly rare in modern porn, but Horizon had the good fortune to be made at a time when such big-ticket enterprises were still a part of Wicked Pictures‘ bread and butter. Six sex scenes meld nicely with an ambitious post-apocalyptic interstellar plot about the near-extinction of humanity and a mission to a ruined Earth in an effort to save it. The Wicked contract players of the day, including Jessica Drake and Alektra Blue, make the most of the juicy material from director Sam Hain (in his one and only directorial effort for Wicked). The movie’s DVD incarnation was spread across as many as four discs in some releases! Epic indeed.


Swapping Wives porn video from ArchAngel.Swapping Wives

Why to watch: It’s not that these couples don’t love each other. Of course they do! In fact, their love is strong and their bond is so power that they’re secure and comfortable enough to step outside their conjugal bed to satisfy their passions. The formula that makes up the four scenes of Swapping Wives is simple: an opening sequence where we meet two couples, followed by scenes where the wives slip into the bed with the other lady’s man. The contrast in body types between Rosalyn Sphinx and her hulking, almost biker-like scene partner in the movie’s opener make it one of the video’s most memorable sequences. (We have to wonder about the odd decorative choice of turning all those book spines toward the wall, though.)

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College Girls Are Sexy college porn video from Digital Sin.College Girls Are Sexy

Why to watch: Let’s put the “cum” in magna cum laude, shall we? Digital Sin boils down the university experience to the one thing we all enjoyed about it the most: passionate, wild, uninhibited, carefree sex! The studio dispenses with all but the most basic of dialogue in the majority of the movie’s scenes (in some sequences, music drowns out the byplay) to focus on the sexual aspect above all. (Kind of like college itself, really!) Bookworms like Ramon Nomar and Mr. Pete find themselves distracted by playful girlfriends who want them to set aside the heady texts and give them some special extra-curricular attention instead! It makes us want to matriculate all over again . . .

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18th Birthday Party European porn video from Private.18th Birthday Party

Why to watch: Once you’ve finished with the college girls up above, go further back in time to that most pivotal of birthdays: number 18! Anny Aurora‘s characters marks this milestone in particular style, starting with the gift of a pink vibrator (her lady friends are brazen enough to gift it to her in the school bathroom) and leading to a sexy gathering in a pool, a blowjob out on the lawn, some kitchen fun, and finally group sex to top the day off. At that point, blowing candles out on some ho-hum cake would be anticlimactic, don’t you think?

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