Flashdance XXX porn video

Coming to Sugar Unlimited in November: ‘Flashdance XXX’ & More

New titles are added to Sugar Unlimited each and every day! Want to know what fresh new movies you can expect to see in November? Find out in this new monthly rundown of every new porn title we’ll be incorporating into Sugar Unlimited’s incredible catalog.

OMG… It’s The Flashdance XXX Parody

Flashdance XXX porn movie

The 1980s trend-setting classic gets revamped in full XXX style by Jordan Septo, who also directed the Saturday Night Fever porn parody. Breanne Benson steps into the role (and hair) that Jennifer Beals made famous.


Kara Lee in Family Breakdown Vol. 2

Kara Lee in Family Breakdown Vol. 2porn movie

One of porn’s edgiest family roleplay labels (Taboo Heat) returns for more envelope-pushing madness, including a shocking group-sex finale! (Prep for this movie by watching the first in the series on Sugar Unlimited.)


A Big Dick For A Cutie 2

A Big Dick For A Cutie porn movie

Will it fit? These well-hung studs are certainly going to give it a try! New Sensations collects a series of petite beauties for a perfect pounding.


A Love Story

A Love Story porn movie

Few studios do romance and couples porn better than Wicked Pictures. Brad Armstrong directs longtime partner (and Wicked contract star) Jessica Drake in the role of a beautiful muse hired to help hip author Xander Corvus get his groove back.

Also coming in November:

Anal Lovers (Desire Media)

Ash Hollywood is Filthy (Harmony)

Asian Bliss (JAV 1 Models)

Black Stepsisters (Penthouse)

Breaking Bad Bitches (Television X)

Bring ‘Em Young (Eye Candy)

Dirty Teen Threesomes 2 (JP Foster Productions)

Don’t Screw My Mom (ArchAngel)

Escort Squad (Jacquie et Michel ELITE)

Gangbang Creampie: Ink’d Edition 2 (Aziani)

Menage A Trois (Joybear)

MILFs Seduce Teens (Lethal Hardcore)

Mother-Son Secrets #9 (Forbidden Fruits Films)

My Daughter’s Big Tits (Desperate Pleasures)

My First Lesbian Sex Teacher 3 (Little Dragon Pictures)

My Slutty Weekend (Wicked Pictures)

Private Horse Riding Class (MariskaX Productions)

Reverse Cowgirl Beauty (Beauty4K)

Schoolgirls Sluts (Bluebird Films)

She Likes It In Her Ass (Digital Sin)

Space Sex 2 (Spizoo)

Stepdaughters Creampied 4 (Lethal Hardcore)

Swinger Sex Soiree (Immoral Productions)

Swingers Wife Swap 2: The Key Party (Adam & Eve)

Teen Manipulations Vol. 3 (Manipulative Media)

Troubled Teen Therapy (Girl Grind)


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The Wicked porn video starring Kaylani Lei

Top Porn Picks! New to Sugar October 26: ‘The Wicked’ & More

New movies are added to Sugar Instant’s Unlimited subscription service every single day! In this weekly rundown, we handpick four of the top porn picks of the week, movies you will not want to miss.

The Wicked porn video from Wicked Pictures.The Wicked

Why to watch: If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that driving a hippie van into the desert never leads to good things. Hasn’t anyone ever seen The Hills Have Eyes or Texas Chain Saw Massacre? The cast of The Wicked sure hasn’t, but their fate involves carnal pleasure as much as it does blood and gore. Even so, the fight against sinister creatures of the night is given at least equal billing to the movie’s hardcore scenes, meaning it’s ideal watching for Halloween if you want a horror movie with plenty of titillation to go with its scares. The makeup effects are impressive and downright unsettling at times. (Click here, for instance, if you dare.) Add in Stormy Daniels and Kaylani Lei, both in their prime as Wicked contract stars at the time, and it makes for the week’s top can’t-miss movie on Sugar Unlimited.

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Sex World porn video from Vinegar Syndrome.Sex World

Why to watch: Fans of TV’s Westworld will get a kick out of Sex World, a movie that reaches back into the 1970s to riff on the Michael Crichton original that inspired the HBO hit. Sex World finds a bus full of strangers riding off to a theme park that promises to fulfill all of their sexual fantasies in a one-of-a-kind weekend retreat. It’s vintage ’70s all the way, complete with mustachioed pornstars (John Leslie et al), unshaven pubic hair, and a surprisingly catchy main theme song (“Sex Woooorld, go on a spree!”). The characters are quirky and endearing; the sex is passionate, edgy, and often very perverse (a park employee grins mischievously when a patron asks if they can fulfill an “incest” fantasy as part of the weekend). Vinegar Syndrome has done its usual splendid job of restoring the movie to its full glory, meaning you should definitely watch it in full 1080p to appreciate the clarity of the film transfer.




Sydney Hail in My Horny Mom porn video from Taboo Heat.Sydney Hail in My Horny Mom

Why to watch: Sydney Hail is a relatively new player on the porn scene, but she makes an instant impression. She is in the mode of Brandi Love — washboard abs, brilliant blond hair, beautiful figure — but she has a more subversive edge. As the movie opens, she interrupts her stepson (Luke Longly) while he’s playing with his Superman and Batman action figures. She wants his opinion on her impressive physique. “Do you like how hard I’m getting? Does that make you hard?” she teases. The first several scenes feature Sydney using Longly as her very own stress reliever, before Cory Chase shows up in scene four for a change of pace. Chase plays an aunt who is coaxed into joining in on the family roleplay fun. (“He’s your son! You’re jerking him off through his [Ninja Turtles] PJ pants!” she protests, shortly before deciding she wants to take part anyway.) The final scene is a bonus sequence that finds Longly in the role of a principal who blackmails Hail after he discovers compromising pictures of her on a lost smartphone.

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Perfect Natural Knockers porn video from Immoral Productions.Perfect Natural Knockers

Why to watch: Forget “to be or not to be.” “Real or fake” is the real question that is vexing us this week! There’s a certain eye-popping splendor to fake boobs that nothing else can quite match, but in the end, natural breasts are hard to beat. Immoral Productions definitely agrees and has crafted a perfect all-natural showcase to demonstrate their enthusiasm! Porno Dan (still sporting his impressive platinum blond hair at the time of this movie’s release) collects a variety of genetically gifted beauties for the signature Immoral treatment: Tomi Taylor, Alice Lighthouse, Rahyndee James, and more.

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Also new this week: Malice Before Daylight, Captive, California Screwing

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Pornogeist porn video

Sugar Porn Favorites: ‘Pornogeist’

Pornogeist from Television X

Origins/background: British studio Television X, already a veteran of such spoofs as Saturday Night Beaver and Crank XXX, turned its attention to an ’80s horror fave in this in-name-only parody of Tobe Hooper’s Poltergeist. Despite the title and spoof box art, the movie is more in the mode of Paranormal Activity and Blair Witch Project than it is the original Poltergeist. It uses a classic “found footage” format that is introduced early on by the movie’s “director”: “Let’s make a porn about a monster in the woods terrorizing a group of people trying to have a party in the house.” What could go wrong?

Scene breakdown: boy/girl (5)

Trivia: The handheld quasi-documentary style of Blair Witch and other similar movies took hold in mainstream cinema in the late 1990s, but porn beat it to the punch by nearly a decade. Gonzo-style pornography used much of the same visual grammar as far back as the 1980s.

Spotlight scene: Against their better judgment, the porn crew (already harried by a supernatural presence) decides to shoot one last scene and flee the woods. The minimal, moody lighting makes the sex appear like it is occurring in a black void, a striking visual touch that sets the scene apart from the movie’s remaining sequences. It is no spoiler to say that the second the sex ends, a sinister beast begins to prowl! Watch for a near-subliminal “scare” shot just before the end credits roll.

Director’s chair: British director Dick Bush, also well known for his works for Brazzers and Digital Playground.

Further recommendations: The Cursed XXX, Creepy Peepshow

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Book of Love porn video

Top Porn Picks! New to Sugar October 19: ‘Book of Love’ & More

New movies are added to Sugar Instant’s Unlimited subscription service every single day! In this weekly rundown, we handpick four of the top porn picks of the week, movies you will not want to miss.

Book Of Love porn video from Adult Source Media.Book Of Love

Why to watch: Kiara Diane can’t quite seem to connect with her overworked husband (Ramon Nomar), who trudges off to the office when his wife would prefer that he stay behind and join her in bed. With sexual frustration building up inside her, Kiara opens up a copy of a saucy romance novel called Flames of the Heart. Its racy scenes form much of the action of Book of Love as Kiara restlessly masturbates in anticipation of Ramon’s return. Once he walks in the door, Kiara calls him upstairs for a night of passion that he won’t soon forget. Book Of Love is very much in a couples-movie mode, complete with tender piano music, gauzy cinematography, and a cast that seems like it sprang to life from the paperback rack in the “romance” section of the bookstore.

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Let Me Swallow Your Cum Please porn video from TeenX.Let Me Swallow Your Cum Please

Why to watch: The title is a misnomer, since the movie is not a swallowing fetish movie. In fact, scenes feature a variety of cumshots, including popshots on faces, stomachs, and vaginas, but none end with the classic gulp and smile that typify quintessential swallowing porn. Instead, Let Me Swallow Your Cum Please is themed around 18+ teens, including a memorable sequence featuring the always watchable and charming Riley Reid as a stepdaughter who decides to blackmail her cheating stepdad (Derrick Pierce). The most eccentric moments come in scene four, which opens with a shot of Emily Kae‘s vagina surrounded by a picture frame and just gets more unusual from there. By the time the scene ends, we’ve seen her vagina reflected in a pocket mirror, covered in shaving cream, and surrounded by veggies and a knife/fork, among other odd visual touches.




Fit porn video from Joybear.Fit

Why to watch: In American English, “fit” usually connotes someone who hits the gym and is in good physical condition, but in British English, it functions more like the slang word “hot.” Since the movie Fit (released by Great Britain-based Joybear) does play on an exercise theme, the title word applies to the cast in both the American and British senses of the term! Whether you call them hot, fit, or just plain gorgeous, the stars of this movie will quickly make you forget any lessons about slang terms we might wish to impart. Each sequence opens with exercise of some sort — be it running, boxing, or swimming — that segues into a much more passionate way to break a sweat. Highlights includes Sienna Day‘s lesbian scene and Jasmine Jae‘s knockout boxing-themed tryst. The movie closes with five minutes of fun behind-the-scenes footage.

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Gender Benders porn video from Alternadudes.Gender Benders

Why to watch: We’re certainly not going to get into any of the thorny debates about the fundamental nature of gender, but we feel very safe in saying that whatever gender the stars of this movie profess to be, they have all the attributes of the best adult stars. Fearless and flavorful, they navigate a series of rough-and-ready sex with consummate aplomb. Though the aggressive, unusual Alternadudes style can take some getting used to, it offers many rewards to porn viewers looking for something exciting and different to add to their weekly watch lists.

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Also new this week: All In For Better Pussy WinPOV Mania Vol. 16, and Pornogeist

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Angela White pornstar

Top Porn Picks! New to Sugar October 12: ‘Angela Vol. 2′ & More

New movies are added to Sugar Instant’s Unlimited subscription service every single day! In this weekly rundown, we handpick four of the top porn picks of the week, movies you will not want to miss.

Angela Vol. 2 porn video from AGW.Angela Vol. 2

Why to watch: There has to be a first time for everything. Angela White is only too happy to blow past a variety of startling firsts in her continuing series of elegantly minimalist showcases for AGW, her namesake brand. Angela Vol. 2 offers her first airtight (all holes filled), her first blowbang, and her first gangbang. As in all her movies, Angela herself is utterly committed to the scenes at hand, never wavering so much as an inch even during the most demanding of physical action. As intense as the movie gets at times, it maintains an appealing and stylish visual quality that defines almost all of White’s work: she serves “a dirty dish on a clean plate,” as the star herself once memorably put it. Eat up!

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The Queen Of Spades Club porn video from ArchAngel.The Queen Of Spades Club

Why to watch: You would think that after all these many years working at a porn company, we would know all the porn and sex lingo and slang. Not so! Every week, we come across puzzling new terms that send us dashing to our nearest slang dictionary. Case in point? Queen of spades! A little web research tells us that it’s simply a term for women who prefer interracial sex. (In this case, the husbands are also involved, making the movie a melding of the interracial and hotwife genres.) The coquette-ish manner in which cover girl Veronica Avluv is chewing on her finger should give you an idea what’s on her mind! The husky-voiced Avluv doesn’t show up until scene four, though, content at first to yield the floor to three other beauties who can’t stop craving big, hard dick: Emily Austin, Carmen Valentina, and Silvia Saige.




The Invitation porn video from Spizoo.The Invitation

Why to watch: Almost all couples reach a point in their relationship where they need a change of pace or something to give their sex lives an extra kick. That’s the situation Jane (Sienna Day) and Tom (Max Deeds) find themselves in at the outset of The Invitation. To take things to the next level, they join a sex party at an isolated country house, with all the usual welcome echoes of Stanley Kubrick along for the ride. Day and co-star Ryan Ryder are particularly magnetic in their roles (and scenes). The movie ends with some bonus behind-the-scenes footage, which includes Amber Nevada‘s unusual confession that her unfulfilled sex fantasy is to have sex dressed like a cat while being drenched in milk. (The camera then cuts to a purring cat, curled up in a ball on a nearby chair.)

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The Seduction Of Heidi porn video from Adam & Eve.The Seduction of Heidi

Why to watch: If you enjoyed Babysitting the Baumgartners, you’ll definitely want to put The Seduction of Heidi near the top of your watch list for the week. Adam & Eve returns to the unbeatable combo of star power and source material from bestselling author Selena Kitt in this entertaining variation of a 50 Shades-style plot. In this case, Whitney Wright plays an ingenue who becomes entangled with her company’s mysterious and handsome CEO (suavely played by Ryan Driller). The obvious echoes from the work of E.L. James mean that the movie on the whole is not quite as memorable as Baumgartners and its sequel, but you’ll find plenty to enjoy as Driller takes Wright on a journey through her deepest untapped desires.

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Also new this week: Cinderella XXX: An Axel Braun Parody (read more here)Submission 3, and Interracial Indiscretions

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Samantha Saint stars in Cinderella XXX porn video

Sugar Porn Favorites: ‘Cinderella XXX: An Axel Braun Parody Wicked Pictures’

Cinderella XXX: An Axel Braun Parody from Wicked Pictures

Origins/background: Cinderella XXX was the third in Axel Braun‘s popular line of fairy tale porn movies, following Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. Snow White sold out its entire production line within 24 hours of release, signalling that fan interest in fractured fairy tales would assuredly inspire further sequels. Samantha Saint stepped into the role of Cinderella, thanks both to her popularity and her resemblance to the most iconic incarnation of the character. “Her facial features bear a striking resemblance to the Disney version of the character, and she has an innocence about her which is in stark contrast with the explosive strength of her sexual performances,” said Braun.

Scene breakdown: boy/girl (2), boy/girl/girl (3)

Trivia: Much of the banter between wicked stepsisters Penny Pax and Carter Cruise was improvised and accomplished on the first take, according to Braun.

Spotlight scene: It’s no spoiler to say that Cinderella and the prince (Seth Gamble) finally end up together in the scene that caps the movie. Saint moans and groans her way through a blowjob, doggie-style sex, and finally a cumshot to the mouth. Interestingly, despite their considerable chemistry, this is the only scene Gamble and Saint shot together, another factor that makes it a must-watch.  (starts at timecode 01:26:28 )

Director’s chair: Axel Braun, the modern master of the porn parody. His efforts for Wicked Pictures and Vivid, including Star Wars XXX, have become touchstones of the genre.

Quotable: “​I’m really proud of this movie, and thrilled that the Wicked Fairy Tales line has proved to be such a success.On Cinderella XXX, I was blessed with an extraordinary cast and a crew that pulled out all the stops to realize my vision. Veronica Avluv was simply outstanding as the Wicked Stepmother, and the chemistry between Samantha and Seth Gamble was real and palpable.” (Axel Braun, as quoted by AVN)

Further recommendations: Romantic Encounters: Maid For Love

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Nerd Girls porn video

Top Porn Picks! New to Sugar October 5: ‘Nerd Girls Vol. 1′ & More

New movies are added to Sugar Instant’s Unlimited subscription service every single day! In this weekly rundown, we handpick four of the top porn picks of the week, movies you will not want to miss.

Nerd Girls Vol. 1 porn video from Teen Fidelity.Nerd Girls Vol. 1

Why to watch: There was a time when thick black-rimmed glasses, a retro Star Wars shirt, and a pair of suspenders would get you stuffed into the nearest locker, but in recent years, nerdiness has become a sort of trend all its own. While some porn movies make only a token effort to evoke their stated themes, Nerd Girls situates all of its stars in a surprisingly large array of nerdy details, ranging from fancy video game equipment to trendy sci-fi posters to Batman memorabilia. Each scene focuses on a different type of nerd: a book nerd (scene one, Emma Evins), a gamer (Jay Taylor), a science fiction fanatic (Kimberly Brix), and finally a cosplay enthusiast (Aubrey Gold). As is typically the case in TeenFidelity movies, Ryan Madison provides the studly foil for each performer. (He even shows his own geeky side in scene four, where he dresses up as Batman, much to Gold’s delight.) Let there be little doubt that no one is going to stuff these girls into a locker anytime soon.

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Tricks and Treats porn video from Pornstar Empire - PUBA.Tricks and Treats

Why to watch: Tricks and Treats will appeal primarily to three groups: fans of cosplay, sploshing, and Asa Akira. The movie’s cover implies a fairly run-of-the-mill Halloween-themed porn adventure, but it offers numerous visual touches and fetish flourishes throughout its healthy offering of 10 scenes and nearly three hours of running time. Akira steals the show when she takes a creampie from a zombie in scene seven, yet the dominant theme of the movie is definitely sploshing (sex combined with messy food). Numerous sequences find pornstars mashing up pumpkins, removing the stringy innards, dumping them on the floor, and reveling in the ensuing mess. If that isn’t a splendid way for a fetish fanatic to spend his or her Halloween, we don’t know what is! Spooky masks give much of the remaining action a holiday flavor.




Femdom Rampage porn video from Spizoo.Femdom Rampage

Why to watch: Love BDSM? You can stop browsing right now, because Femdom Rampage will keep you satisfied throughout the week, all the way up to next week’s edition of Top Porn Picks. Dominant beauties, including Maitresse Madeline and Jada Sinn, are equipped with all the necessary tools: oversize sex toys, cages, ball gags, and electroshock gadgets, not to mention a bad attitude that is sure to put any sub squarely in her place. Severe Sex and Wasteland have refined this type of bondage into an art, with every detail, actor, and scenario finely tuned for maximum impact.

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Kendra Lust Fucks Couples Vol. 2 porn video from Lust Army.Kendra Lust Fucks Couples Vol. 2

Why to watch: Imagine that you and your partner have finally decided to spice things up by inviting another person into your bedroom and sex life. You’re ready to up the ante by sharing your most intimate moments with a sexually adventurous beauty! Could there possibly be any better person suited to such a task than Kendra Lust? We think not! She has a bank of MILF experience, an uninhibited zeal to expand her own sexual horizons, and a killer body that is sure to arouse the attention of anyone lucky enough to behold it. Kendra returns for another round of threesomes as the Lust Army marches on. This time, she is joined by couples both young (scene two, Lucas Frost and Riley Reyes) and “old” (scene one, Kissa and Johnny Sins). Lust proves once again that she is the magic elixir that elevates a solid porn scene into something unforgettable that you’ll return to time and again. Kendra, you can join in with us anytime!

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Also new this week: I Share My Boyfriend 7, Young Hitchhikers and Truck Drivers, and Big Tits Tag Team

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Free Use Family porn video

Sugar Porn Favorites: ‘Michele James in Free Use Family: My Sister’

Michele James in Free Use Family: My Sister from Taboo Heat

Origins/background: Taboo Heat is back! Headed by Luke Longly and Cory Chase, the fauxcest studio behind one of Sugar’s most popular movies (Andi James in Mom Teaches Me About Sex) offers up an entire family of taboo fun. So, what exactly is a “free use family”? We’ll step aside to allow star Michele James to explain the rules in this excerpt from scene one: “In this family, we all touch each other. We’re very loving; we’re open. So whenever you’re feeling horny or aroused, you don’t have to just masturbate in here by yourself. You’re allowed to touch me and sneak into my room and we can play. You can hang out with Mom, touch Mom. It’s normal! We do this kind of stuff all the time.”

Scene breakdown: boy/girl (2), boy/girl/girl (2)

Spotlight scene: Armed with the information that intimacy is permitted in this particular family, stepbro Luke Longly spies on Michele James as she towels off. He receives an unexpected bonus when Michele begins to masturbate as she recalls past liaisons with members of the household. Before long, she notices Longly spying and tells him he should join in, leading to classic point-of-view family roleplay fun! “I’m really starting to like this family,” Longly notes dryly as the scene draws to a close. (starts at timecode 00:11:04)

Further recommendations: Ashley Adams in Family Breakdown Vol. 1Won’t Mom Hear Us!?


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Educating Reeves porn video

Top Porn Picks! New to Sugar September 28: ‘Educating Reeves’ & More

New movies are added to Sugar Instant’s Unlimited subscription service every single day! In this weekly rundown, we handpick four of the top porn picks of the week, movies you will not want to miss.

Educating Reeves porn video from Joybear.Educating Reeves

Why to watch: Joybear, the studio behind Educating Reeves, is known for its attentive casting and focus on capturing authentic intimacy and chemistry. True to the studio’s form, those aspects are brought to the fore from the very first scenes. The movie’s eccentric story involves the title character’s plot to build a racing track on a wide swath of countryside. His only stumbling block? Caroline (Lou Charmelle), owner of a large estate that is smack dab in the middle of Reeves’s proposed development. The negotiations will include plenty of give-and-take in the bedroom! It’s not every porn movie that has lines like “She had what he wanted: a fantastic body and a large piece of land.”

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Black In White 2 porn video from Airerose Entertainment.Black In White 2

Why to watch: Airerose Entertainment pays homage to Blacked, right down to the cover art of a well-endowed performer staring admiringly at his scene partner (in this case, Nikki Snow). Big dicks meet beautiful blondes in four scenes of welcome simplicity, with limited plot setups preceding the arrival of interracial action. Melissa May is swept away in very genuine pleasure in scene one — the bright shade of red she turns as she approaches orgasm attests to that — but for our money, the highlight is scene three. Featuring the always charismatic Sean Michaels, the segment finds a wealthy homeowner declining to purchase cookies from a sprightly scout (Hollie Mack). Undeterred, Mack says she’ll do anything to get Michaels to buy a few cookies. Her sales pitch includes a blowjob, cowgirl, doggie style, and a facial. Always be closing indeed!




Sharing Is Caring porn video from Spizoo.Sharing Is Caring

Why to watch: The pleasant, friendly title seems like it could be the theme of a kids’ educational program, but the actual flavor of the movie is as far afield from afternoon PBS as it is possible to imagine! (This is the Sugar Instant porn blog, after all!) Spizoo serves up four rounds of boy/girl/girl threesomes with some interesting wrinkles along the way. Scene one factors in a family roleplay aspect by having stepbro Brad Knight join in with his stepsister (Sophia Grace) and one of her female friends (Blaten Lee). Scenes two and three both feature an odd but appealing setup that opens with a male actor masturbating on a couch while two offscreen women tease him with dirty talk. Eventually, after getting him worked up with words alone, they tag team him on the couch. Scene four returns to a more traditional format, with lesbian action functioning as the lead-in prior to Donnie Rock‘s arrival.

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Stalked porn video from Manipulative Media.Stalked

Why to watch: Ominous, spooky opening music sets the tone for a sinister movie that explores what happens when stepdads take interest in their stepdaughters to an unhealthy level. Stalked is rife with footage shot through windows, scenes grabbed from surveillance cameras, or moments seen via webcam, making the audience play the role of voyeur alongside the naughty stepdads. In each scene, the stepfathers are busted for peeping but then shocked to discover that their young stepdaughters actually don’t mind at all! In fact, they’re eager to tempt the stepdads into a much more illicit variety of tryst! The two most memorable scenes, featuring Sydney Cole and Rachel Madori, bookend the movie.

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Also new this week: Black Girls Only, Anal Affairs, and Michele James in Free Use Family: My Sister

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Katrina Jade pornstar

Top Porn Picks! New to Sugar September 21: ‘Villain’ & More

New movies are added to Sugar Instant’s Unlimited subscription service every single day! In this weekly rundown, we handpick four of the top porn picks of the week, movies you will not want to miss.

Villain porn video from AE Films.Villain

Why to watch: Prep for Halloween season by watching this sinister showcase starring tattooed vixen Katrina Jade. Since it doesn’t have an overarching plot, it’s not an out-and-out horror movie, yet its overall tone is gothic, metal, and very edgy. In fact, some moments in the first full scene are genuinely disturbing, as an intense, serious Prince Yahshua pulls over Katrina and Keisha Grey and then coaxes them into coming back to his place for a threesome. The devil-worship themes of scene two make its lesbian threesome seem like it could fit into The Ninth Gate or Bram Stoker’s Dracula. The energy the three stars display has an infernal rhythm that churns from the depths below! The primary draw of the movie comes in scene three, which features Small Hands initiating Katrina in her first on-screen anal. After that, scene four might seem destined to be an anticlimax, but Villain delivers again, thanks to a transgender coupling with Aubrey Kate.

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The Game porn video from MariskaX Productions.The Game

Why to watch: Remember Indecent Proposal? That 1992 thriller asked audiences to contemplate whether they’d be willing to let their spouse sleep with another person for one night in exchange for one million dollars. The Game opens with a similar proposal involving gamesmanship, sex, and money. A group of couples decide that their poker game will have stakes much more provocative than simple cash. If the results go a certain way, they agree to swap partners for the night. Unsurprisingly, when the game ends, all invitees go happily along with the swap idea (a few need an extra swig of wine to calm their nerves). The remainder of the movie comprises the hookups that result, highlighted by the pairing of Mariska and Sam Bourne in scene four. Though not explicitly framed as a MILF/cub sequence in the movie, the contrast between the wet-behind-the-ears Bourne and the coolly experienced Mariska is vivid, giving the scene an extra kick.




Saturday Night Beaver porn video from Television X.Saturday Night Beaver

Why to watch: Television X never met a porn pun it didn’t like! Saturday Night Beaver was previously used as the title for a Wicked Pictures compilation released in 2007, but it gets a more faithful application here in a movie that very specifically spoofs Saturday Night Fever, right down to the opening scene featuring the protagonist walking down the street. (This is the second Saturday Night Fever spoof we’ve spotlighted here on Top Porn Picks, following the better-known Exquisite parody starring Seth Gamble.) The twist this time is a role reversal that finds Tina Kay stepping into the primary role of Toni, the female equivalent of John Travolta’s character in the original. Naturally, most of the hottest rhythms occur away from the discotheque and inside the bedroom, but the final scene moves the action back onto the dance floor in a passionate variation of “Night Fever” that anyone would be happy to catch.

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Miles Long's Full Service POV 5 porn video from Miles Long Productions.Miles Long’s Full Service POV 5

Why to watch: The opening seconds of Full Service POV find Miles Long staring at Ryan Conner‘s beautiful booty. He rubs her butt in lustful anticipation, moaning and groaning in awed approval as he does so. Who can blame him? The moans of all involved become a great deal louder once the hardcore POV fun starts in earnest. Five volumes into the series, director and audience surrogate Miles Long has the point-of-view action down pat: he’s able to get us so up close to the stars that each scene is like your own personal dalliance with the given performer. Each segment ends with Long finishing via handjob or blowjob. Conner’s opening scene is hard to top, but you’ll also want to stick around for the memorable threesomes in scenes two and four. While Full Service POV 5 doesn’t offer any bells and whistles, it’s still another solid effort from Long and Fallout Films.

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Also new this week: Dr. Lacey Sex Therapist (read more here), #BigBootyHoes, and Love Hotel

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