Dirty Little Secrets porn video

Top Porn Picks! New to Sugar Jan. 4: ‘Dirty Little Secrets’ & More

New movies are added to Sugar Instant’s Unlimited subscription service every single day! In this weekly rundown, we handpick four of the top porn picks of the week, movies you will not want to miss.

Sexual Harassment porn video from Hard Art.Dirty Little Secrets

Why to watch: If you’re a straight male — and given that you’re on a porn site’s blog, odds are good that you are — you probably focus primarily on the female players in any given porn movie. Strangely enough, despite a cast of notable porn beauties including Jayden Lee and more, the performer who makes the most dominant impression in Dirty Little Secrets is Xander Corvus. He’s present in almost every scene, allowing us to witness how he brings out the best in all of his co-stars. His character isn’t necessarily sympathetic (in fact, he ends up being at the center of a Very Bad Things/Shallow Grave-style turn of events after the midway point), but it’s impossible to miss his impact on the movie. Vanessa Veracruz also scores high marks for her memorable solo scene, which earned an AVN nomination.

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Taste porn video from JoyBear.Taste

Why to watch: Eating can be a very sensual act, or it can be downright disgusting. Filmmakers have exploited it in both ways (The Phantom of Liberty, Chocolat) but Joybear removes any doubt about how they’ll approach the material in the opening voiceover by Ava Dalush: “In your mouth, rich flavors bursting onto your tongue . . . I love it all – the achievement, the satisfaction, the mess.” Dalush plays a chef whose kitchen creations help facilitate a series of sexy encounters, from a young couple experiencing each other’s bodies for the first time to a duo of amorous restaurant reviewers. The movie makes food intimate and pleasurable in exactly the same way a great sexual encounter can be. If you loved Babette’s Feast but wished it had more bonin’, Taste should be your main course this week!


Stuffin Young Muffins Vol. 9 porn video from New Sensations.Stuffin Young Muffins Vol. 9

Why to watch: After watching Taste, you might develop a hankering for some tasty goodies! Those looking for literal baked goods might be disappointed, but all others will love every minute of Stuffin Young Muffins Vol. 9 from New Sensations. Despite the title, it’s not really an 18+ teens movie in the classic sense but rather focuses on porn basics: two sexually voracious performers letting their ravenous appetites collide on camera. The results speak for themselves! Casey Calvert‘s scene is the highlight, with Ramon Nomar‘s two scenes following close behind.

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Lesbian House Hunters Part 11 porn video from Girlfriends Films.Lesbian House Hunters Part 11

Why to watch: It’s not so uncommon to develop a crush on your teacher, coworker, or boss, but how many of us sit around dreaming about a dalliance with our real estate agent? It may not sound like the stuff classic porn is made of, but be assured that if your realtor looked like the ones featured here, you’d be ready to make a quick down payment on her real estate assets, too, as it were. It’s like House Hunters, but with less hand-wringing about marble countertops and more having sex on said countertops.

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Also new this week: Teens Love Football, Neighborhood Family Affair, Teeny Threesomes 2

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Forbidden porn video starring Stormy Daniels

Coming to Sugar Unlimited in January: ‘Forbidden’ & More

New titles are added to Sugar Unlimited each and every day! Want to know what fresh new movies you can expect to see in January? Find out in this monthly rundown of highlight porn titles we’ll be incorporating into Sugar Unlimited’s incredible catalog.


Forbidden porn video

Who has tasted of this forbidden fruit? (Well, the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, for one.) Stormy Daniels leads the charge in this Wicked classic from 2009.

Andi James in Nonna Makes Me a Man

Andi James in Nonna Makes Me a Manporn video

Andi James stars in one of the most popular all-time videos on Sugar Unlimited (Andi James in Mom Teaches Me About Sex). See more of this sexy MILF in action as she finds herself in taboo scenarios with members of her family.

The Booty Movie Vol. 2

The Booty Movie Vol. 2 porn video

ArchAngel knows how to worship booty with all the reverence it deserves! Jada Stevens, Keisha Grey, and more show off their beautiful assets.

Angela Loves Threesomes

Angela Loves Threesomes porn video

If you watch just one movie on Sugar Unlimited this month, make it this one! Angela White‘s movies always have the sweep and scale of a true blockbuster. This time, she takes on a series of threesomes!

Also coming in January:

Gangbang Creampie: Midwest MILFs (Aziani)

Interracial Size Queens (She Will Cheat)

My Boy Friend’s Dad Makes Me Cum (Lethal Hardcore)

Stuffin Young Muffins Vol. 9 (New Sensations)

Unleashed (Adam & Eve)

and many more!

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Sexual Harassment porn video

Top Porn Picks! New to Sugar December 28: ‘Sexual Harassment’ & More

New movies are added to Sugar Instant’s Unlimited subscription service every single day! In this weekly rundown, we handpick four of the top porn picks of the week, movies you will not want to miss.

Sexual Harassment porn video from Hard Art.Sexual Harassment

Why to watch: What is porn to do in the age of #MeToo, when those who have committed workplace harassment finally face the consequences they’ve avoided for so many years? Sexual Harassment is one of the industry’s most incisive and interesting contributions to the conversation. From the creative minds at Hart Art (and director Sally Forth), the movie chronicles the rise of budding Hollywood starlet Lucille LeSueur (Niki Snow), who discovers that harassment is troublingly commonplace in Tinseltown. When her mainstream career falters, she reluctantly turns to porn. (A humorous montage shows us clips from Lucille’s hottest scenes, played against audio from a call she receives from home running down all the mundane things that are going on back in the Midwest.) She eventually runs afoul of Herb Weinstock (a Harvey Weinstein surrogate played with suitable repellence by James Bartholet), an exec who treats every young intern and actor like his personal plaything to be used and discarded. It’s in these final scenes with Weinstock that Sexual Harassment packs its most powerful satirical punch. Provocative but never preachy, Sexual Harassment is a movie all porn fans should watch, both for its sexual fireworks and its commentary on current sexual mores.

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Soccer Moms porn video from Wicked Pictures.Soccer Moms

Why to watch: On one hand, they’re utterly dedicated to their children. They dutifully haul them off to soccer practice, piano lessons, and all sorts of other after-school activities, yet on the other hand, they’re just as dedicated to satisfying their own intense sexual cravings. Is it any surprise that those cravings lead them in the direction of virile young lads who are practically priapic in their desire to give MILFs the pounding they need? Julia Ann leads the (cougar) pack in a cast that also includes Brittany Andrews, Kendra Lust, and more. One scene even features a hookup in a soccer net, a pleasingly literal touch that does what any great porn movie always should: brings to life a fantasy that otherwise would be practically impossible.


Trading Spouses porn video from Provocative Productions.Trading Spouses

Why to watch: Marriage can be richly fulfilling, but there are times when it begins to seem a little dull. It’s not that you want to get divorced; it’s just that you are dying for some variety, something to break up your mundane routine. The swingers in Trading Spouses have reached that point! Their solution is simple: swap spouses! It won’t be permanent, of course, but it’ll be just long enough to re-introduce fiery passion in places where the embers have long since gone cool. As in any movie of this sort, the power is in the pairings, and Trading Spouses has several terrific ones, including Nikki Delano and Tommy Gunn and Allison Moore and Eric John.

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the XXXmas Gift porn video from Spizoo.The XXXmas Gift

Why to watch: Yes, yes, we’re past Christmas itself, but that doesn’t mean we all couldn’t still use a little (naughty) holiday cheer! Kick off the new year in fully festive fashion with this hilarious and sexy effort from our zany friends at Spizoo. All the scenes here feature plenty of seasonal cheer, from Anna Bell Peaks trying to convince a sexy stud that Santa really does exist to Alix Lynx asking for a “fun gift” to play with to Nikki Benz and friends enjoying a foursome with Santa himself. (“Let’s feed her Santa’s cock!” St. Nick proclaims, in a line we certainly don’t remember from “The Night Before Christmas.”)

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Also new this week: Miles Long’s POV Mania 10, Summer Games, Kiss Me My Girl 12, Squirtatious, The Grinch

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Ghost porn video

Top Porn Picks! New to Sugar December 21: ‘OMG…It’s The Ghost XXX Parody’ & More

New movies are added to Sugar Instant’s Unlimited subscription service every single day! In this weekly rundown, we handpick four of the top porn picks of the week, movies you will not want to miss.

Perception porn video from Adam & Eve.Perception

Why to watch: “Memory can be a terrible liar,” said one Hollywood star in the preface to his memoirs. The couples featured in Perception discover the very same thing when they begin recalling how they first met. Somehow, their stories don’t match up! In fact, they diverge in surprising ways that cast an entirely different color on the nature of their relationships. Some sci-fi gadgets, akin to what you’d find in an episode of Black Mirror, help them review what did and “didn’t” happen . . . with plenty of passionate sex along the way. While it’s not quite porn’s version of Memento, Perception definitely hits upon similar themes.

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Gina Valentina's Wet And Wild porn video from Penthouse.Gina Valentina’s Wet And Wild

Why to watch: Gina Valentina‘s name may evoke hearts, candy, and Cupid, but Gina Valentina’s Wet And Wild begins with holiday iconography of an entirely different sort. Gina and Sabina Rouge are clad in very patriotic American-flag bikinis, soaping each other down with sponges in front of a pool. By the time Gina whips out the garden hose and begins spraying Sabina’s naked body in slow motion, it’s abundantly clear that this is another winner from Penthouse! Gina steps aside for scenes two (more poolside playtime with Nina North) and three (Kristen Scott soaps up and then hooks up with Chad Alva) before returning to close things out with Logan Long in scene four.




Gangbang Creampie: Fuck And Fill My Wife, Please porn video from Aziani.Gangbang Creampie: Fuck And Fill My Wife, Please

Why to watch: Sofie Marie admits to being adventurous (she’s an enthusiastic swinger and fully embraces the “lifestyle”), but when it comes to five-guy gangbang creampies, she’s in virgin territory. Looking a bit like a porn version of Catherine Keener, Marie chats with the Aziani crew about her sexual preferences before doffing her clothes and surrounding herself with men who are all destined to fill her up with sweet spunk. Scene two sets the tone immediately by placing an “I’m here for the gangbang” T-shirt behind the featured star, Texas Patti (who, despite her name, has a German accent, adding to the madness of the scene). After a nice long chat, she, too, is taking on every dick in sight!

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OMG...It's The Ghost XXX Parody porn video from Juicy Entertainment.OMG…It’s The Ghost XXX Parody

Why to watch: What do you do when you’re spoofing a mainstream movie that was already known for being quite sexy and sensual even in its non-porn version? Ghost is famous as a couples fave of the early ’90s, the perfect movie to put your lover in the mood for romance, thanks to the well-known pottery lovemaking scene. Interestingly, the parody version (from spoof director guru Jordan Septo) jettisons this famed moment entirely, but that doesn’t mean it sacrifices one bit of its impact as a piece of erotic entertainment. Brooklyn Lee steps capably into Demi Moore’s shoes as a woman whose boyfriend returns from the ether to reassure her of his undying love and to save her from a sinister fate. Skip the 1990 version and cut straight to the one where the real action is!

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Also new this week: Nymphomaniac ConfessionsMade To Tit Fuck 2, and Asians Love Anal

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Threesome porn videos

Guide to Threesome Porn


The basics: 2 + 1 = better sex. Or at least that’s the fantasy that’s presented in threesome porn, which focuses on three-way group sex in all possible combinations. Threesomes featuring two women and one man are often abbreviated as B/G/G scenes, with B/B/G as the equivalent for segments with two men and one women (also sometimes referred to as a “devil’s threesome”). G/G/G scenes, meanwhile, represent the ultimate in lesbian action.

How to pick a threesome movie: Threesomes are common in porn, but they are not always the particular focus of the porn movies they’re contained in. In many cases, threesomes are incidental to the other themes in the movie, such as family roleplay, creampies, and other popular porn genres. In B/B/G threesomes, cuckoldry, bisexual experimentation, and infidelity are often incorporated, such as in series like Bi-Bi Love and Cum Eating Cuckolds. Certain other threesome movies do focus on the thrill of the threesome itself, rather than allowing another theme to take over.

Quick picks

Classic pick: It Takes Two To Bang Mom!

Mom’s zeal for dick is such that she can’t stop at one . . . she has to have two to be fully satisfied! Kick Ass presents MILFs and the dynamic duos who are ready to tame all their desires. Shot in the early days of HD porn.

It Takes Two To Bang Mom! porn video


Contemporary pick: Menage A Trois

Joybear focuses on the intimacy and sensual connection of threesomes in a series of “definitive moments” from its catalog in this celebration of the company’s 15th anniversary. (Read more about this movie in this archival edition of “Top Porn Picks.”)

Menage A Trois porn video


Amateur: Home Made Threesomes #5

Threesomes aren’t simply pornstar fantasies that exist solely in the realm of movie playtime. Real people love incorporating them into their sex lives, too! Homemade Media presents a series of group-sex scenes with an amateur look and feel.
Home Made Threesomes #5 porn video


Couples: Babysitting the Baumgartners (pictured)

A couple uses threesomes with their babysitter to spice up their relationship in this adaptation of the popular erotic novel. Baumgartners has consistently been one of the most popular movies on Sugar Unlimited.
Babysitting the Baumgartners porn video

Threesome superstar

Katrina Jade featured in not one but two incredible threesomes in her popular 2017 showcase Villain. Both are unusual and very hard edged, particularly the G/G/G threesome in scene two, featuring three modern witches (Jade, Kissa Sins, and Gina Valentina) who cast a remarkable spell over one another and the audience.

Browse all Sugar Unlimited threesome movies here (and don’t miss a special discount on premium threesome videos for a limited time only). Not a Sugar Unlimited member? Join here!


Royal Romp porn video

Top Porn Picks! New to Sugar December 14: ‘A Royal Romp’ & More

New movies are added to Sugar Instant’s Unlimited subscription service every single day! In this weekly rundown, we handpick four of the top porn picks of the week, movies you will not want to miss.

Royal Romp porn video from Television X.A Royal Romp

Why to watch: Most porn studios have abandoned cheesy puns, deliberately corny acting, and absurd plots as part of their approach to porn, but Television X (much like Brazzers) still enjoys making porn fully in that hilariously cheesy mode. Case in point — the delightfully entertaining Royal Romp, which lampoons the Kate/William wedding of 2011, and comes just in time to coincide with all the latest saucy headlines about the royals circa 2018. Porn puns are present from the first moments (the opening line is “William, I’m so pleased you popped the big one!”), and a generally bawdy sense of humor in the classic English manner is dominant. The most memorable scene features a man getting a BJ while he shares a dinner table with the queen and Prince Philip. Rule Britannia!

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Sorority Sluts porn video from New Sensations.Sorority Sluts

Why to watch: What was the best thing about college? The parties, the favorite professors, the camaraderie? We here at Sugar didn’t quite make Phi Beta Kappa, but high GPA or not, we know a good thing when we see one! Our favorite aspect about college was definitely the sorority sisters. The freewheeling nature of campus life always meant that a trip to the frat party could turn into a wild night indeed. Sorority Sluts steps back into those sex-soaked days with Courtney Taylor (looking every inch the busty college girl in the opening scene), Alexa Rydell, Callie Nicole, and Victoria Blaze. Re-experience college with all the fun and none of the classes!




Ribald Tales Of Canterbury porn video from Vinegar Syndrome.Ribald Tales Of Canterbury

Why to watch: Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales certainly aren’t short on sexual details, but even Chaucer himself probably couldn’t have imagined his works resulting in something as explicit as this 1985 classic. Gathered travelers all agree to partake in a contest to see who can tell the best story. It will come as little surprise that all the stories related here hinge on sexual escapades of one sort another, all accompanied by merry modal music to set a period-appropriate feel. Hyapatia Lee, who plays emcee of the impromptu tale-telling contest, recounts her own sex story in the ninth scene, one that leads into a final, funny visual twist before the credits. This movie has had a miserable history in home video incarnations — Adult DVD Talk’s review of the 2004 version described it as “just a little better than VHS” — but Vinegar Syndrome‘s transfer breathes life back into the material, with vivid colors and crisp visuals.

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Everyone Loves Ginger Girls porn video from Little Dragon Pictures.Everyone Loves Ginger Girls

Why to watch: Everyone Loves Ginger Girls opens with a shot reminiscent of a classic Western: two dildos sit on a pillow, awaiting action, like the pistols of an old gunslinger who must draw his weapons one last time to defeat an old foe. The girls in Everyone Loves Ginger Girls have much less serious business on their minds, but the entertainment value of their adventures is just as impressive as any Clint Eastwood classic. And instead of Red River Gorge, the action unspools in the bedrooms of some of the most beautiful redheads the industry has to offer. Lesbian couplings are the order of the day, with pairings that include the now-retired Anna Bell Peaks and Lauren Phillips, Sadie Santana and Alex Tanner, and more.

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Also new this week: Big Titty Creampies, J&M Fitness

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Masturbating Christmas Hotties porn video

Sugar Porn Favorites: ‘Masturbating Christmas Hotties’

Masturbating Christmas Hotties from Alfa Red Production

Origins/background: If Santa sees you when you’re sleeping and knows who is naughty and nice, he is getting quite the eyeful when his gaze settles on the Masturbating Christmas Hotties. We have no idea whether they’ll get a sack loaded with presents or simply a lump of coal, but for porn viewers out there, it’ll be a merry Christmas indeed.

Observations: Alfa Red keeps it very, very simple, bordering on minimalist. There’s no music, and even the ambient production sound is very sparse as the camera settles in on a series of hotties equipped with toys almost as nimble as their fingers. The Christmas aspect is conveyed in a straight-forward visual manner through Santa hats, tinsel, stockings, and other festive elements. (This formula follows along closely with the style of Amateur Allure’s various holiday-themed movies.)

Memorable scene: Clad in a naughty Santa outfit, the buxom blonde who graces the movie’s cover earns one of the most memorable sequences in Masturbating Christmas Hottie‘s next-to-last-segment. After slowly stripping down to reveal all of her curves, she works her clit with her fingers before breaking out a favorite toy to bring herself to climax. (starts at time code 01:00:24)

Scene breakdown: solo female (7)

Related titles: This Isn’t Christmas Vacation: The XXX Parody (read more here) and Jingle Balls

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Family Summer porn video

Top Porn Picks! New to Sugar December 7: ‘Family Summer’ & More

New movies are added to Sugar Instant’s Unlimited subscription service every single day! In this weekly rundown, we handpick four of the top porn picks of the week, movies you will not want to miss.

Housemates porn video from Joybear.Housemates

Why to watch: No one should have to endure a tough breakup on their own. This is something that Sicilia intuitively understands in the wake of an acrimonious split with a cheating boyfriend. As a means of dulling the pain and shaking up her life, she decides to move in with some housemates. As she pulls up to the new place for the first time, she says to herself, “I just hope they like me.” She needn’t have worried! Not only do the new housemates like Cicilia, they’re also prepared to introduce her to an entirely new way of life, one where freewheeling sex is as easy as turning the key to the front door. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to live with a crew of hip, sexually adventurous Londoners, we think it’s time you moved right on in with the Housemates!

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Family Summer porn video from Taboo Heat.Family Summer

Why to watch: One of these days, some edgy and enterprising academic should use Taboo Heat as the basis for an article in a scholarly journal. The movies increasingly have the feel of an unsettling European art film, one where family relationships become fractured to a perverse degree. But hey, this is the Sugar Blog, not Harvard Yard, so we’ll endeavor to focus on the movie’s viability as late-night entertainment. To that end, it succeeds admirably, as long as you like adult entertainment that pushes at the edge of taboos, particularly family roleplay. Addison Lee joins Michele James‘s family for a summer stay. Bad idea! (Addison should have known things were going to be off kilter as soon as she noticed the nude painting decorating the wall next to the entrance.) Luke Longly proceeds to have sex with everyone in sight, regardless of whether they’re part of his family or not. By the time the final scene arrives, everyone is primed for a perfect foursome to wrap up the ultimate family summer.




Dirty-Coach Vol. 3 porn video from Teen Mega World.Dirty-Coach Vol. 3

Why to watch: Sweaty bodies . . . exposed flesh . . . heavy breathing . . . guttural noises . . . exotic positions demonstrating remarkable flexibility . . . in a scenario that includes all of theses features, you might be having sex, or you could simply be enjoying a great workout. Who says the two have to be mutually exclusive? In Dirty-Coach Vol. 3, fitness and yoga instructors find themselves taking advantage of the irresistibly perfect bodies of the beautiful women they’re helping get in shape. The movie goes beyond the normal lip service that porn movies pay to the “fitness sequences.” Instead of having everyone rip off their clothes within 30 seconds, the video lingers on the fitness aspects, building the sexual tension to a great intensity as the coaches stare lustily while their trainees show off their amazing flexibility. This effective choice in pacing sets the movie and series apart from other movies with similar themes.

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My First DP Experience porn video from Sugar Babes.My First DP Experience

Why to watch: Many people have an understandable trepidation about their first anal experience, but that nervousness is quite literally doubled when it comes to a first DP. Nevertheless, Sasha Rose, the DP recipient in this 30-minute scene from SugarBabes, doesn’t seem troubled by any nerves at all. When she locks eyes with her second male costar at around the 21-minute mark, just before he slides into her to make it a true DP, her expression betrays not a single inkling of anxiety about this monumental first! We’ll also award a few bonus points to the movie for its amusing intro, which features Sasha and her shirtless pal clicking randomly away on video game controllers in some of the cheesiest faux gaming we’ve yet seen in a porn video.

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Also new this week: SambaX, Spoof Porn Vol. 3and My Baby Got Back — Whitewashed 2

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Dirty Little Secrets porn video starring Vanessa Veracruz

Coming to Sugar Unlimited in December: ‘Dirty Little Secrets’ & More

New titles are added to Sugar Unlimited each and every day! Want to know what fresh new movies you can expect to see in December ? Find out in this monthly rundown of highlight porn titles we’ll be incorporating into Sugar Unlimited’s incredible catalog.

Dirty Little Secrets

Dirty Little Secrets porn video

We all have a few, right? When a crew of vengeful women inadvertently kill a two-timing lover, they’re saddled with the darkest secret of their lives. Vanessa Veracruz‘s solo scene (excerpted in the featured image above) earned an AVN nomination.



Housemates porn video

A fun-loving housemate can exert a powerful influence over your habits. In this case, they’re ready to help their pal Jess get over a tough breakup. Sex is the tonic for her broken heart! (Sex is a tonic for all woes, at least in the exciting world of Joybear.)


Asians Love Anal

Asians Love Anal porn video

Really, we all need more Asa Akira in our lives, don’t you think? Asa and three other anal-obsessed beauties step into the limelight in Digital Sin‘s collection of Asian-themed action.


Nymphomaniac Confessions

Nymphomaniac Confessions porn video

Few studios capture nymphomania as gloriously and glamorously as Britain-based Harmony! This edition features a mixture of American and British stars, ranging from Alexis Texas to Samantha Bentley.

Also coming in December:

Big Titty Creampies 1 (Lethal Hardcore)

Black Stepsisters (Penthouse)

Family Summer (Taboo Heat)

Freaky Petite 4 (ArchAngel)


and many more!

Visit Sugar Unlimited’s new additions page each day to see all the latest movies. (Not a member? Learn more and join here.)

Big Dick For A Cutie 2 porn video

Top Porn Picks! New to Sugar November 30: ‘A Big Dick For A Cutie 2’ & More

New movies are added to Sugar Instant’s Unlimited subscription service every single day! In this weekly rundown, we handpick four of the top porn picks of the week, movies you will not want to miss.

A Big Dick For A Cutie 2 porn video from New Sensations.A Big Dick For A Cutie 2

Why to watch: What a dick! No, really. There’s no question that these guys are packing heat, so the real question of the day is whether their cutie-pie co-stars can truly take every last inch. We recommend that you watch A Big Dick For A Cutie 2 in full to make sure! The movie is four scenes of the usual New Sensations mastery, with some interesting visual flourishes in the final scene, which features crisscrossing rays of light speckling the beautiful body of Naomi West. (Ever notice that Mick Blue almost always has a fancy watch on his wrist throughout almost every scene? Given how omnipresent he is, it’s probably to make sure he’s on time for the next booking of the day.)

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Space Sex 2 porn video from Spizoo.Space Sex 2

Why to watch: Space is a dangerous place. One false move and your blood and eyeballs boil as you suffer a fate resembling one of the villains in Raiders of the Lost Ark. In such perilous circumstances, sex would probably be the last thing on any normal person’s mind, but the world of porn offers an alternate perspective on this play-it-safe attitude. Everyone in Space Sex 2 treats the empty void beyond the skies as their personal boudoir. The plot is a nominal continuation of Spizoo‘s Space Sex (also available on Sugar Unlimited), although this is not the sort of movie where knowledge of a pre-existing mythology is needed. The movie is similar to the classic Space Nuts, right down to the over-the-top performances. (Oh, and Abigail Mac, Karlee Grey, and Rachele Richey all look very alluring in their all-black leather “space suits.” That alone makes the movie worth watching!)




Private Horse Riding Class porn video from MariskaX.Private Horse Riding Class

Why to watch: Mariska, an exotic beauty familiar for her performances for Marc Dorcel and other European studios, has a self-titled brand that demonstrates all the elegance and class of Mariska herself. Private Horse Riding Class finds her (and other equally enticing European pornstars) in a variety of naughty adventures, all set in bucolic stables. The always-watchable Pascal White appears as the male co-star in two of the four scenes, but it’ll come as no surprise that Mariska herself steals the limelight. She possesses that ineffable kind of screen presence that mesmerizes you regardless of what she’s doing . . . but when she’s in the throes of passion, that hypnotic pull is all the stronger!

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OMG... It's The Flashdance XXX Parody porn video from Septo.OMG… It’s The Flashdance XXX Parody

Why to watch: What a feeling indeed! Sugar Unlimited is home to numerous spoofs of ’70s and ’80s musical and quasi-musical classics, including Grease, Saturday Night Fever, and Dirty Dancing. Flashdance XXX is another splendid entry in that pantheon, this time from director Jordan Septo (he of Xena XXX and many more porn parodies) and cover star Breanne Benson. Equipped with a Jennifer Beals-inspired hairstyle, Benson plays the role of a hardworking steel-mill worker who aspires to become a professional dancer. Unsurprisingly, Benson gets the movie’s juiciest (and longest) sex scene in her final hookup with Rocco Reed. Anyone with twin passions for ’80s nostalgia and vintage porn spoofs will want to put Flashdance XXX at the top of their weekly watch list!

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Also new this week: Dirty Teen Threesomes 2, Bring ‘Em Young 5, and Escort Squad

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