Cape Fear XXX porn video starring Bonnie Rotten

Sugar Porn Favorites: ‘Cape Fear XXX’

Cape Fear XXX from Dream Zone Ent.

Origins/background: The original Cape Fear had two mainstream incarnations: a 1962 version starring Robert Mitchum and 1991 version with Robert De Niro (directed by Martin Scorsese, no less). Though lesser known than those two famous efforts, Dream Zone Entertainment‘s 2015 porn spoof is just as memorable a take on the material. The storyline follows the pattern of the previous incarnations, chronicling the power struggle between a vindictive ex-con and the person who originally helped put her in the slammer.

Tagline: “She can be your sweetest dream… and your worst nightmare!”

Casting: The movie flips the genders of the two leading characters. Bonnie Rotten steps into Robert De Niro’s shoes as the villainous ex-con, while Chanel Preston on takes on the part played by Nick Nolte in the 1991 version. “I really love Robert DeNiro, and I thought this is a really great movie that he did, and he’s such a creep and so crazy in it, and I figured, ‘Hey, I’m a creep and I’m crazy so let’s do it!’ But in a good way, a nice creepy way,” Rotten told AVN.

Quotable: “”Cape Fear XXX was a massive adventure for me,” said Rotten. “I had full responsibility for everything: actors, locations, camera men, make up, wardrobe, everything! I had a fantastic time playing the role of Max Cady. I love De Niro so much and was glad to embody his character in a porn parody, especially one I directed.” (Bonnie Rotten, as quoted by AVN)

Trivia: The movie marked the second time in two years that Rotten had stepped into a spoof of a role made famous by a movie tough guy. She’d also appeared in Rambone XXX (taking on the Sylvester Stallone-inspired title role) in 2014.

Memorable scene: Bonnie and Alec Knight hook up in the close quarters of a ship’s cabin in the movie’s final scene. (starts at time code 02:01:43)

Scene breakdown: boy/girl (5)

Awards: The movie captured six AVN nominations, including Best Parody and Best Actress (Bonnie Rotten).

The critics said: “This was a masterpiece from Bonnie. Although there was some gender switching from the original, don’t let that deter you. Bonnie’s acting was spot on!” (Adult DVD Talk)

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Swapping Wives porn video

Coming to Sugar Unlimited in March: ‘Swapping Wives’ & More

New content is added to Sugar Unlimited each and every day! Want to know what fresh new movies you can expect to see in March? Find out in this monthly rundown of highlight porn titles we’ll be incorporating into Sugar Unlimited’s incredible catalog.

Swapping Wives

Swapping Wives porn video

In the mood to trade up but worried that fulfilling the fantasy of an open relationship may not be all it’s cracked up to be? Experience the idealized version of that dream in ArchAngel’s Swapping Wives!


Horizon porn video

Horizon (2011) features all the great Wicked contract stars of its era in a big-budget sci-fi extravaganza of love and survival in a dark future. The movie won two AVN statuettes: Best Special Effects and Best Supporting Actor (Xander Corvus).

Ashly Anderson in Submissive Daughter

Ashly Anderson in Submissive Daughter porn video

Whether they like it or not, every daughter of Luke Longly‘s father characters in Taboo Heat always submits to his lustful urges. Ashly Anderson is his latest conquest!


Positions porn video

Clea Gaultier‘s ballet dancer character is blessed with a flexible body that can bend its way into an array of interesting positions . . . both on the dance floor and in the bedroom!

Also coming in March:

18th Birthday Party (Private)

College Girls Are Sexy (Digital Sin)

Hair Down There (New Sensations)

Rawhide II: Dirty Deeds (Adam & Eve)

Slutty Mom (James Deen Productions)

and many more!

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Starship Eros classic porn video

Top Porn Picks! New to Sugar Mar. 1: ‘Starship Eros’ & More

New content is added to Sugar Instant’s Unlimited subscription service every single day! In this weekly rundown, we handpick four of the top porn picks of the week, movies you will not want to miss.

Starship Eros classic porn video from Vinegar Syndrome.Starship Eros

Why to watch: What do you remember about 1995? The tragedy of Oklahoma City or the O.J. Simpson acquittal, perhaps, or maybe something less serious like the release of Braveheart or the end of Major League Baseball’s longest strike. What you probably don’t remember are intergalactic spacecrafts, hip cars with gull-wing tops, and miniskirts. That’s the 1995 of Starship Eros, a movie made in a year (1979) that was still distant enough from the ’90s to enjoy goofy conjectures about what that future might look like. Released in the wake of Star Wars, Starship Eros is a pleasingly high-gloss porn spoof of all things sci-fi and ’70s, complete with well-endowed C3PO lookalike Quasar, a robot who will satisfy all your desires! Starship Eros is silly, sexy, entertaining, and gorgeously restored (thanks to the attentive folks over at Vinegar Syndrome).

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Monsters Of Jizz Vol. 38: Buckets Of Cum cumshot porn video from Cal Vista.Monsters Of Jizz Vol. 38: Buckets Of Cum

Why to watch: The phrase “buckets of cum” in a porn title or synopsis is usually simply hyperbole, yet when it comes to Monsters of Jizz, it’s close to being literal truth. There’s plenty of action aside from cumshots, of course, from stripping to blowjobs to a quasi-gloryhole (a penis that juts out between the newel posts of a staircase) to footjobs and more, but it’s all just buildup to the real draw of every Monsters of Jizz movie: ridiculous cumshots. Jizz flows and blasts like water from an out-of-control fire hose! It’s all so over the top that the cover actually resorts to comic-book style dialogue balloons to convey the loopy absurdity of it all. If cum is your thing, don’t miss Monsters of Jizz!


Defenders XXX parody porn video from Creation of Adam.Defenders XXX

Why to watch: It’s hard to keep all the superhero franchises and team-ups straight, but Defenders XXX draws its inspiration from the Marvel group that includes Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and more. In this case, they are much more interested in busting a nut, as it were, than busting crime in four scenes of cosplay fun from director Adam Christopher! Make sure to stay tuned beyond the credits for a bonus scene featuring the Punisher himself (played by Brad Knight).

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Please Dominate Me Boss Mommy lesbian porn video from Filly Films.Please Dominate Me Boss Mommy

Why to watch: What to do when your insolent, spoiled tennis student ignores your expert advice and simply piddles on her phone while you demonstrate technique? Or what if you’re a home-health nurse with a beautiful but nutty patient who strips down when she complains of the room being too hot? You show them who is boss, that’s what! Bratty young babes get a lesson in humility from dominant MILFs who have been pushed too far to put up with such disrespect. Scene four ups the ante considerably when a big fat strap-on dildo is produced to make the all-girl threesome all the more exciting.

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Angela Loves Men porn video

Top Porn Picks! New to Sugar Feb. 22: ‘Angela Loves Men’ & More

New content is added to Sugar Instant’s Unlimited subscription service every single day! In this weekly rundown, we handpick four of the top porn picks of the week, movies you will not want to miss.

Angela Loves Men glam porn video from AGW Entertainment.Angela Loves Men

Why to watch: “Angela Loves” is the perfect prefix for Angela White‘s continuing series of AGW Entertainment movies, because she radiates pure love and excitement for everything she does. She’s as good at anyone at throwing herself headlong into new, thrilling sexual scenarios in a way that allows the audience to share in the frisson. Angela Loves Men finds her in a series of memorable B/G pairings with costars such as Manuel Ferrara, Ramon Nomar, Danny Mountain, and Toni Ribas. One can’t-miss moment comes in her scene with Mountain: Danny literally lifts White off the ground and flips her over as she proceeds to fellate him while he dangles her by her feet. Let’s just say that White is far from the only one who will be knocked off her feet by this movie!

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My Dad's Hot Friend 18+ teen porn video from Cal Vista.My Dad’s Hot Friend

Why to watch: Have you ever had a very inappropriate crush? These guys do, and unlike most of us, they are actually able to consummate that crush, thanks to the freewheeling fantasy world of porn. My Dad’s Hot Friend features two pairs of scenes that find male friends hooking up with each other’s daughters. In the opening two sequences, Eric Masterson and Filthy Rich attend a barbecue with their college-age daughters in tow. A house tour and a bathroom break present each of them the opportunity to for some much-needed private time with naughty wannabe mistresses.


Dr. Tongue doctor porn video from Pearl Productions.Dr. Tongue

Why to watch: Dr. Tongue has the cure for any and all bedroom ailments that may have been troubling you! His practice certainly seems a bit sketchy — from all appearances, he runs it out of a low-rent hotel room — but there’s no denying that he has a knack for finding just the right solution for any sexual problem presented to him. In scene one, he is confronted by a woman who has lost the ability to squirt. Careful application of a dildo attached to a metal rod will fix that! Other sexual woes include a “monster cummer,” a gent with troubles keeping it up, and more. All enter the office of Dr. Tongue (and associates) and leave with a satisfied smile on their face.

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The Orgy House  blowjob porn video from Spizoo.The Orgy House

Why to watch: What’s the perfect birthday gift? A weekend getaway, perhaps, or a long-sought-after book. What about some lingerie and a surprise DP with your favorite male pornstar? That’s the unique gift Donnie Rock coordinates in the opening scene of The Orgy House, complete with an appearance by Logan Long playing himself (and at least initially, playing with himself). The Orgy House is home to plenty of other group sex, too, including sequences featuring Sophia Grace, Kenzie Taylor, and more.

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Also new this week: Hotel O #3Step Brother . . . Cum Inside Me #2, and Desire

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Archangels porn video

Sugar Porn Favorites: ‘The Archangels’

The Archangels from ArchAngel.

Origins/background: The Archangel imprint debuted in 2014 as a place for “artfully shot, hot scenes with a twist, and bold solo covers.” It quickly became a latter- day Elegant Angel of sorts, with memorable modernist covers and a variety of top booty-themed movies (The Booty Queen and many more). The Archangels put a new twist on that formula by assembling some of the studio’s most popular cover girls all in one in a sort of master class of top porn performers.

Quotable: “There’s no doubt in the love these women have shown us, so we wanted to show the world that these are the girls that helped make ArchAngel what it is today.” (Director Mimefreak)

Memorable scene: It’s hard to go wrong with any scene in a movie that features a cast like the one on the cover, but you’ll definitely not want to miss Kendra Lust‘s hookup with Stallion in scene three. Lust has always enjoyed a productive collaboration with Mimefreak and Archangel, and The Archangels is one of their most memorable joint efforts. (starts at time code 00:59:57)

Trivia: Archangel released the movie on New Year’s Day 2016 as a means of celebrating their output to that point and setting a course for the year to come.

Scene breakdown: boy/girl (4)

The critics said: The Archangels was a showcase of company success stories proving their longevity and quality on a level that others no longer provide so check this one out.” (Xcritic)

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Pulse porn video

Top Porn Picks! New to Sugar Feb. 15: ‘The Pulse’ & More

New content is added to Sugar Instant’s Unlimited subscription service every single day! In this weekly rundown, we handpick four of the top porn picks of the week, movies you will not want to miss.

Vina Sky and Ember Snow in The Pulse fauxcest porn video from Taboo Heat.Vina Sky and Ember Snow in The Pulse

Why to watch: Early in the second segment of The Pulse, daughter Vina Sky clutches at mom Ember Snow‘s buttons in an attempt to seduce her. “You know I don’t do this!” Sky protests. Oh, but she’s wrong on that point! Everyone in Taboo Heat movies does “this” — inappropriate-but-hot family hookups, that is — and they love it, too! This particular effort from the studio opts for a scenario more mystical than many of the company’s other movies, thanks to a kooky subplot about a magical flashing green cellphone pattern that acts as an aphrodisiac. In scene one Ember masturbates, in scene two she hooks up with Mom, in scene three she has a tryst with Dad (Luke Longly), and in scene four the tables are turned when her mother and father raid her bedroom for a perverse version of what they call “family time.”

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Down With The Bush tattoo porn video from Combat Zone.Down With The Bush

Why to watch: It might be easy to misinterpret the title of this movie as a condemnation of unshaven pubic hair, but rest assured it’s anything but! The girls featured here are down with throwing their razors into the waste bin permanently and letting it all grow in its natural glory. Whether by accident or by design, all four scenes in the movie are shot against predominantly white backgrounds, meaning that the swaths of beautiful, dark hair we see seem to stand out even more. Oddly enough, even though Penny Pax‘s bush is arguably the subtlest and least pronounced of all four featured female performers, her scene is probably the most memorable! Fans of the all-natural look should also check out the full Sugar Unlimited “unshaven” category, hairy.


Swingers Wife Swap 5: The Pajama Party couples porn video from Adam & Eve.Swingers Wife Swap 5: The Pajama Party

Why to watch: The soundtrack for Swingers Wife Swap 5 features big-band swing that will make you think Duke Ellington is going to make a cameo appearance, but don’t let the throwback music fool you. Everyone in this movie is of a very modern frame of mind, particularly when it comes to sex. Adam & Eve puts a twist on the swinger scenario by positing that all the characters know each other (rather than the anonymous hookups of a swingers club) and thus are able to have much more intimate, passionate experiences once they exchange partners. “As long as you dress and then undress for the occasion, you’ll have fun!” beams host Zoe Clark at one point. In the end everyone ends up naked, asleep, and fully satisfied in a tangle of bodies on a bed. Sounds like the ideal kind of party to us!

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James Deen's Sex Tapes: Porn Stars 2 blowjob porn video from James Deen Productions.James Deen’s Sex Tapes: Porn Stars 2

Why to watch: The degree to which you enjoy Sex Tapes: Porn Stars 2 will probably depend on how much you like James Deen, since his personality and presence dominate almost every second of the movie. While the scenes are very simple on a technical level, with James tracking his camera on a star for chitchat and sex in long continuous takes, they are always a great deal of fun to watch. Deen is a charming, mischievous rogue whose sense of humor  beguiles the viewer just as surely as it does his co-stars (in this case, Riley Reid, Dani Daniels, and more).

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Also new this week: Young & Tight Hairy TeensMiles Long’s Full Service POV 8, and Natural Big Titties

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House of Whores porn video

Top Porn Picks! New to Sugar Feb. 8: ‘House Of Whores’ & More

New content is added to Sugar Instant’s Unlimited subscription service every single day! In this weekly rundown, we handpick four of the top porn picks of the week, movies you will not want to miss.

Domino Presley's House Of Whores transsexual porn video from Grooby.Domino Presley’s House Of Whores

Why to watch: Domino’s house of whores is a trippy sort of place, with psychedelic decorative touches that make you think a soundtrack from the Fifth Dimension will begin playing at any moment. While Domino loves a good time as much as anyone, she’s all business when it comes to her brothel, making sure that her ladies are on the job and providing clients with the satisfaction they crave. One is a cop who has agreed to keep quiet about the illegal brothel as long as he gets a free session here and there. Another is a hippie in a tie-dyed shirt who can’t resist making a pass at Domino’s loyal assistant. Each and every one of them gets the transgender hookup they’ve been dreaming of! Scene three, featuring FTM star Eddie Wood in a standout role (and groovy shirt), is particularly memorable.

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Pet Recruits tattoo porn video from Penthouse.Pet Recruits

Why to watch: There was a time when almost all porn movies seemed to be required to include a goofy, corny framing device to set up the sex scenes. Just sift through a box of porn VHS tapes from the ’90s and you’ll see what we mean! Penthouse, a brand name that stretches back to long before the video days, still finds itself presenting XXX movies with these charmingly old-fashioned and amusing elements. Pet Recruits, for instance, creates a fantasy world where prospective Penthouse Pets must endure “Pet Boot Camp” to prove their worth as adult models. The drill instructor (Bobbi Dylan, who’s not quite R. Lee Ermey but very memorable nevertheless) expects recruits to show their stripping skills, but there’s also plenty of sex among the potential Pets when her back is turned. It’s fun to hear bold, muscular military music playing against a montage of sex in the opening teaser, and the hypnotically attractive Olive Glass puts all other recruits to shame in her hookup with Brad Knight in scene two.


My Wife And I Are Fucking The Babysitter 3 18+ teen porn video from Devil's Film.My Wife And I Are Fucking The Babysitter 3

Why to watch: The synopsis for My Wife And I Are Fucking The Babysitter 3 seems less summary and more pervy life manifesto: “Instead of going through the trouble of an affair and running around to hide it, why not have some fun and include the wife! Let’s FUCK the babysitter!” Yes, LET’S! No, it probably wouldn’t be a good idea in real life, but that’s why we have porn studios like Devil’s Film — to fulfill our wildest fantasies. “I guess I’m not babysitting today?” squeaks Alexis Blaze as Will Powers pulls off her top. Powers and wife Randee Reed have sent their son off to a playdate, with the plan of a playdate of their own while he’s gone! Other scenes feature Heather Starlet, Haley Sweet, and more.

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My Personal Plaything blowjob porn video from Daring Media Group.My Personal Plaything

Why to watch: Ever fantasized about living the upscale life of a beautiful, rich European playboy? My Personal Plaything allows you to get a glimpse of what such a lifestyle might be like, all considerably enhanced by 4K’s vivid clarity. We’d expect nothing less from Private, the porn company with such brand power that it once introduced its own energy drink! In scene one, Jolee Love finds herself at the mercy of Marc Rose‘s whip, all with the elegant backdrop of Rose’s chic and modern apartment. Later scenes find us dropping in on some kinky roleplay (scene three) and a voyeuristic sex party (scene five), among other sultry moments.

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Also new this week: Sweet Blonde Fucked, Big Boob Babes, The Archangels

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The Gang Bang Of Bonnie Rotten porn video

Coming to Sugar Unlimited in February: ‘Gang Bang Of Bonnie Rotten’ & More

New content is added to Sugar Unlimited each and every day! Want to know what fresh new movies you can expect to see in FEbruary? Find out in this monthly rundown of highlight porn titles we’ll be incorporating into Sugar Unlimited’s incredible catalog.

The Gang Bang Of Bonnie Rotten

The Gang Bang Of Bonnie Rotten porn video

A true classic of the Bonnie Rotten back catalog, this blockbuster from Digital Sin finds the 2014 AVN Performer of the Year taking on all the dicks she can handle . . . and loving every minute of it. (Cindy Starfall gets the same treatment in the second half of the movie.)

Angela Loves Men

Angela Loves Men porn video

Angela White began as a girl/girl performer, but she became a superstar when she started shooting boy/girl scenes such as the ones featured in this AGW Entertainment favorite. Don’t miss the moment where Danny Mountain literally turns Angela upside down! (More on that in an upcoming edition of “Top Porn Picks.”)

The Archangels

The Archangels porn video

They’ve been sent from heaven but are filled with the devil’s lust! Starring Kendra Lust, Jada Stevens, and more.

Starship Eros

Starship Eros porn video

A classic erotic space adventure from the vintage porn connoisseurs at Vinegar Syndrome!

Also coming in February:

All In The Family (Karups)

Pet Recruits (Penthouse)

Swingers Wife Swap 5: The Pajama Party (Adam & Eve)

Vina Sky and Ember Snow in the Pulse (Taboo Heat)

Domino Presley’s House of Whores (Grooby)

and many more!

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Angela Loves Threesomes porn video

Top Porn Picks! New to Sugar Feb. 1: ‘Angela Loves Threesomes’ & More

New content is added to Sugar Instant’s Unlimited subscription service every single day! In this weekly rundown, we handpick four of the top porn picks of the week, movies you will not want to miss.

Angela Loves Threesomes Vol. 1 porn video from AGW Entertainment.Angela Loves Threesomes

Why to watch: We’re pretty sure that perpetual access to select titles from AGW Entertainment alone is worth most of the Sugar Unlimited membership cost. Angela White‘s movies define the concept of premium pornography. When your cynical pals ponder why anyone would ever pay for porn when there’s so much free stuff out there, point them in the direction of movies like Angela Loves Threesomes. They’ll soon understand the error of their ways! “Love” is the operative word here: as a performer who uses porn to expand and explore her sexuality, Angela truly enjoys everything she does on screen. She practically ingests her pairs of screen partners in four threesome scenes featuring Bonnie Rotten, James Deen, and more.

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Taboo Family Vacation: An XXX Taboo Parody! porn video from Desperate Pleasures.Taboo Family Vacation: An XXX Taboo Parody!

Why to watch: If you thought the Griswold family was prone to dysfunctional vacations, just wait until you see the getaways taken by the crew in Taboo Family Vacation! Just to give you a small idea of the tone of the porno we’re talking about here, consider the moment in scene two where Dad playfully scolds the son for cumming so voluminously over his sister’s thighs in the backseat of the minivan. “It’s a good thing we’re almost to grandpa’s,” he jokes, having just recently received some road head of his own from another member of the family. It’ll come as no surprise that the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree and that gramps himself is equally perverse! On this family outing, the dialogue is amusing, the situations are shocking, and the stepdaughters are tantalizingly beautiful. Hop aboard for the road trip of a lifetime!


Seduced By Mommy #4 porn video from Filly Films.Seduced By Mommy #4

Why to watch: Much life Taboo Family Vacation, Seduced By Mommy is in a family roleplay vein, just with a much more upscale type of vibe. One of the most appealing aspects about Filly Films movies is that they always take some time to establish the nature of the rapport between the two characters in the scene. Before the sex kicks in, we get a little glimpse into the nature of the relationships between the stepmoms and stepdaughters featured here, giving their later moments of intimacy an extra wrinkle. We particularly love the opening scene featuring Nina Hartley! Though she’s largely withdrawn from performing these days, Hartley shows here why she was such a popular star for more than three decades.

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Massage Seductions porn video from Kinky Spa.Massage Seductions

Why to watch: “If I’m going too hard at any moment, just pinch me or something and I’ll ease up.” So says masseur Tyler Nixon as he describes his technique to busty client Olivia Austin. That unsubtle but undeniably funny double entendre tells you exactly where every scene in Massage Seductions is going to go! All four scenes feature masseurs who use their jobs to seduce beautiful patrons. Of course, it’s just their luck that said clients always happen to be pornstar-type beauties played A.J. Applegate, Alix Lynx, and more. After watching this, you might fancy a career change!

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Also new this week: Miles Long’s Full Service POV 7, My Big Tit Asian Girlfriend, and All In The Family

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Top Heavy Tarts 21 porn video

The Series So Far: ‘Top Heavy Tarts’

Top Heavy Tarts 21 porn videoThe Series So Far” takes a closer look at some of porn’s longest-running and most popular series.

First volume: 2006 Newest volume: 2014

The bottom line: Rodney Moore‘s movies tend to do one thing and do it well. Almost all of his series promise a simple, appealing theme in their title and then deliver on that theme — repeatedly and in abundance — in the movies themselves. Top Heavy Tarts is one of the finest examples! Collectively, the series features almost every major signature “big boob” star to appear in the industry over nearly a decade. Moore himself frequently shows up as the male co-star. The format of the series takes on a traditional “casting-couch interview plus sex” format in some scenes and a story-based format in others. In both situations, big boobs end up exactly where they belong: front and center!

Spotlight movie: If you’re a boob lover, it’s hard to go wrong with any installment of the series, but volume 21 stands out thanks to the presence of 32H star Siri! The opening scene features the now-retired star early in her career, when she was still wearing her plain-blond hairstyle (later on she’d opt for a fiery red). Appropriately, the charismatic star is given the longest scene (nearly 40 minutes) of any in the movie, but the latter half also features memorable stars, including Alex Chance and Liza Del Sierra.

Total movies on Sugar Unlimited: 14

The critics said: “Big tits are always a good thing, whether they’re on a curvy, voluptuous babe or a tall and thin chick. Rodney gathers a collection of top heavy tarts with different shapes and sizes, yet what they all have in common is love for cock, fucking, and having their tops worshipped by titty worshipping guys! [ . . . ] This title has a great mix of plumpers, curvy and skinny gals who all share a gift of naturally big boobs. Alex Chance oozes so much sex appeal as does Siri, plus have bodies that are just impossible to take your eyes off of.” (Xcritic)