Cougars Crave Young Kittens #16 porn video

New to Sugar Mar. 23: This Week’s Top Porn Picks

Kama Sutra: Ultimate Orgasm Guide porn video from Adam & Eve.Kama Sutra: Ultimate Orgasm Guide

Why to watch: The cover and title make the movie sound like an instructional film, but it’s actually a full-length feature, complete with locations as colorful as the exotic positions contained in the Kama Sutra itself. The opening scene finds Dyanna Lauren and Vince Vouyer checking out a bookstore in the hopes of discovering a sexual manual that can spice up their love life. Veronica Hart (looking very fetching in a non-sex role) guides them to the one and only Kama Sutra! The plot is entertaining, but we know why you’ve come here: to see all those twisty, bizarre positions the Kama Sutra is known for! Surprisingly, you won’t find much in the way of pretzel-positioned pornstars, but that doesn’t mean Kama Sutra: Ultimate Orgasm Guide doesn’t deliver as an overall erotic experience. Quite the opposite, in fact! Couples demonstrate 16 positions across five scenes and 70 minutes of run time. It’s the next best thing to keeping a copy of the Kama Sutra next to your nightstand (and no need to turn the pages!).

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Cougars Crave Young Kittens #16 porn video from Lethal Hardcore.Cougars Crave Young Kittens #16

Why to watch: “You don’t need a bathing suit! Just take your clothes off!” If you’re a sexy little starlet and you stop by the pool of one of the cougars in this movie, you’re likely to hear those words. The casting in these older/younger lesbian scenes is spot on in every case: a sweet and petite younger beauty with a trim frame, paired with a mature, big-chested MILF. In some cases, the age gaps between the performers aren’t actually all that enormous, but the contrast in body sizes and demeanor helps sell the difference in experience and sexual know-how. The Krissy Lynn/Xandra Sixx scene is a scorcher, featuring some very intense tribbing and some tongue-twirling oral action. (We were mildly distracted by the creaking wicker chair that Mercedes Carrera and Carolina Sweets sit on, which makes so much noise it almost seems like a third character in the scene!)




Girls Kick Ass XXX porn video from Porno Jesus Studios.Girls Kick Ass XXX

Why to watch: Just another lesbian teen adventure? Not quite! Yes, Girls Kick Ass XXX contains plenty of girl-on-girl action, but it sets things up in a most unusual manner. Tiffany Star plays an apparent sociopath whose confession to an unseen investigator (or is it just a voice in her head?) forms the basis for each scene. Squeezed in between the lesbian makeout sessions, masturbation, oral sex, and finger-banging are surreal moments such as a dead body floating in a pool, a hacksaw decapitation in the back of a car, and a character getting sexually aroused by the sight of a house up in flames. The violence is all stylized and dreamlike, but it’s still enough to be somewhat shocking in the context of a mainline porn movie. Star is loads of fun in the primary role, snarling at her inquisitor and approaching both the sex and dialogue with a devilish enthusiasm that  befits her character.

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Chance Encounters porn video from Adult Source Media.Chance Encounters

Why to watch: Chance Encounters is billed as a movie “by a couple for couples.” And while it certainly has many of the usual features of a couples movie — vignette plots to set up the chemistry of the performers, a glossy visual style — it also doesn’t compromise in terms of action. This is not the sort of movie that favors artsy shots of champagne glasses over explicit sex, meaning it should appeal to a wide range of porn audiences, not simply couples alone. Natalia Starr opens the movie with some very sexy masturbation that eventually gives way to a fantasy pairing with Karlo Karrera. Some light BDSM makes an appearance in scene two, as Anthony Rosano answers a personals ad only to be confronted by a bound-up Capri Anderson. Scene three is probably the blockbuster sequence of the movie, featuring the gorgeous Dani Daniels in a threesome with April O’Neil and Erik Everhard. Alice March and Jordan Ash wrap things up in scene four, which finds an embarrassing chance encounter in a bathroom leading to forbidden bedroom romp.

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Home Improvement XXX porn video

Sugar Porn Favorites: ‘Home Improvement XXX A Parody’

Home Improvement XXX A Parody from Adam & Eve

Origins: Another classic from porn’s golden era of spoofs, 2010’s Home Improvement XXX takes aim at the popular ABC sitcom that ran from 1991 to 1999.

Memorable scene(s): Remember Wilson, the amiable neighbor whose face was mostly hidden behind a fence as he dispensed advice to Tim Allen’s character? Generally, only his hat was visible. He makes an appearance here, too, and let’s just say we get to see a lot more than his hat (check out the screenshot above). (Scene starts at 01:40:45.)

Scene breakdown: boy/girl/girl (1), boy/girl (4)

Trivia: Alexis Ford (spotlighted in the gloryhole scene with “Wilson”) was an Adam & Eve exclusive contract star at the time the movie was released.

Director’s chair: David Lord, who at the time was fresh off the success of A-Team XXX. He has continued to direct other features, including several recent efforts for Wicked Pictures and Devil’s Film.

Quotable: “I’ve always loved the show. Tim Allen has impeccable comic timing. I’ve tried to capture the essence of the show and really bring fans the best of what they fell in love with, just like I would want to see.” (David Lord, as quoted by AVN)

The critics said: “This is a phenomenally funny, endlessly sexy, and downright enjoyable porn parody that exceeds in its mission to provide an ‘ultra nasty’ Home Improvement experience as well as make an actually comedic work of cinema.” (Adult Empire)

Related titles: The A-Team: An XXX Parody.

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Stormy Daniels pornstar

New to Sugar Mar. 16: This Week’s Top Porn Picks

My 1st Black Cock porn video from ArchAngel.My 1st Black Cock

Why to watch: Writer Linda Williams once said that the theme of “fear” is an integral part of interracial porn. The female performers in such scenes often play up the “frightened” angle as they struggle to imagine whether they’ll be able to take the full length of their well-endowed co-stars. Heck, there’s even a whole porn movie series entitled Fear of a Black Penis! Even so, the performers in ArchAngel‘s My 1st Black Cock play against Williams’s idea. They don’t seem fazed one bit by the mammoth dicks they are paired with here, approaching the task with complete enthusiasm and relish. Sure, they sometimes seem slightly overwhelmed (Karmen Karma seems winded at a few moments), but overall, they are definitely up to the task! Prince Yahshua‘s appropriately regal presence bookends the movie in scenes with Kendra Lust and Saya Song, with Rob Piper and Lexington Steele appearing in the sequences in between. There’s an underwater blowjob in the middle of scene two, and Lust’s scene ends with her getting pounded by Prince while in a completely prone position, her beautiful booty jiggling all the way.

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Nymphos porn video from Wicked Pictures.Nymphos

Why to watch: Stormy Daniels is front and center on the cover of Nymphos. In the current climate, that seems appropriate, since she’s been a fixture in the mainstream media for several months now. If you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, Stormy’s Nymphos scene is a great place to start, offering up a slow-burn scene where she is paired with a mysterious, powerful stranger (sounds familiar!). Daniels steps behind the camera as director for the remaining sequences, including action with a sex-crazed masseuse (Katie St. Ives), a dirty parole officer (Dahlia Sky), and a blonde in a utility room (a bonus scene).




Consequences of a Kiss Love porn video from Wasteland Studios.Consequences of a Kiss

Why to watch: The synopsis for Consequences of a Kiss compares the movie to Bewitched, and the parallel isn’t far off! It’s a light-hearted supernatural tale featuring immortal protagonists who find themselves entangled in matters of the heart with regular humans. The main difference is that Bewitched never included anything such as, say, Samantha and Darren having sex on top of a piano (though if that lost episode ever surfaces, you can rest assured it will be featured here in Top Porn Picks)! The plot portions are long and drawn out, but the sex scenes are all the better for it. We get to know the characters better and thus have more of an emotional involvement when they decide to slip into bed for naughty fun. Also, stayed tuned for an entertaining blooper reel at the very end of the movie!

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The Superlative Stella Cox porn video from Harmony.The Superlative Stella Cox

Why to watch: Gorgeous, stunning, beautiful, luscious . . . we’re all out of superlatives when it comes to Stella Cox! Fortunately, The Superlative Stella Cox does all the work for us. Simply hit play and watch her at work, and you’ll be spouting superlatives of your own! An Italian-born starlet who has shot predominantly for Euro studios, Cox is given a spectacular showcase by Harmony here. From the opening moments of the movie, her alluring, posh accent invites you along for all of the action. “I love being watched,” she muses. “I love the attention!” She gets plenty across an impressive seven sequences that cover every imaginable combination: two boy/girl/girl threesomes, two girl/girl scenes, a boy/boy/girl scene, a three-girl scene, and (of course) a boy/girl scene. If you’re getting dizzy just from reading that, wait until you watch the movie in full! You might want to spread this one out over the entire week.

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Riley Reid pornstar

Sugar Star Picks: Riley Reid

Riley Reid is one of the stars who helped porn move away from the stereotype of the busty blonde. Brunette, petite, and all natural, Riley used her many charms to become one of the big winners of the 2014 awards season. Check out three of her best scenes on Sugar Unlimited!

Scene four from Jay’s POV Vol. 2

Riley Reid stars in Jay's POV Vol. 2.

Jay Rock, the reliable POV master, sets his viewfinder on Riley for some gonzo-style madness. After a blowjob, Jay takes Riley in cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and finally doggie style before emptying all over her back and butt. It’s the closest you can come to your own personal hookup with Riley!

Scene starts at timecode 01:28:18

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Scene one from Riley Reid: Overexposed

Riley Reid stars in Riley Reid: Overexposed.

Riley and Charlotte Stokely get to know one another, all with the striking background of a city skyline. The duo seem to be having a rockin’ good time, from their raucous make-out session at the beginning to Charlotte’s enthusiastic ass-eating, and more.

Starts at timecode 00:03:11

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Scene three from That Horny Little Cheerleader

Riley Reid stars in That Horny Little Cheerleader.

Riley’s build and youthful look have made her the perfect match for all sorts of 18+ teen-themed movies, even as she pushes past age 25 and beyond! In That Horny Little Cheerleader, Reid spots Erik Everhard changing in the locker room. Once he removes his underwear, she can no longer contain herself and pounces!

Scene starts at timecode 00:45:29

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Sexy Massage Fantasies porn video

New to Sugar Mar. 9: This Week’s Top Porn Picks

Porno Things: A Stranger Parody porn video from Creation Of Adam.Porno Things: A Stranger Parody

Why to watch: Nostalgia + hit Netflix series + hot sex = an awesome porno! Netflix’s Stranger Things doesn’t immediately seem like it would be a prime target for porn spoofery, but director Adam Christopher has never been one to shy away from unusual projects. Formerly known as Tarantino XXX, he has also directed porn spoofs of The Hateful Eight and Pulp Fiction. He finds interesting aspects to explore in Porno Things, which takes the Stranger Things horror/mystery plot and layers on an additional level of spoofing by taking on the style of one of the ultra-corny porn parodies of the ’90s. Riley Nixon is perfectly cast, with a unique and very sexy look that matches well to her otherworldly character. It’s weird, it’s hilarious, and it’s definitely a must-watch for horror/sci-fi fans.

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Sexy Massage Fantasies porn video from Sinful XXX.Sexy Massage Fantasies

Why to watch: Naughty massages are a very common theme in porn. Most of them follow a pretty predictable pattern and style: a brief vignette of dialogue to set up the scene, a sequence where the masseur or masseuse begins to get handsy, and a moment where things turn into full-on sex. Sexy Massage Fantasies plays on the same general theme while offering something entirely different in terms of tone. Instead of deeply unprofessional (but fun) masseurs in vignettes, we get highly stylized massages that look almost as if they’re being acted out onstage as part of an experimental theater production. Sinful XXX knows the power of light and shadow, often leaving just enough to your imagination to kick all your naughtiest fantasies into high gear. And did we mention that the performers in the movie have bodies that approach some sort of Greek god level of perfection? No love handles here . . . just fit, toned models who’d probably be just as comfortable frolicking about in the Garden of Eden!



My One True Love porn video from Mike Hunt Inc.My One True Love

Why to watch: “Everyone is a sucker for romance movies!” proclaims Danny Wylde near the beginning of My One True Love. That’s particularly true if said romance movies feature Dahlia Sky (aka Bailey Blue) sucking and fucking her way to a very happy ending! Sky plays an amateur novelist whose characters live out her secret fantasies. In her novel, which forms the majority of the action in the movie, four friends explore their relationships, some of which seem destined for marriage; others of which seem like simple flings. Ultimately, all of them are interested in finding a soulmate, but it may take a lot of sexual exploration to unearth that special someone. Maddy O’Reilly is the most memorable of the supporting cast, riding Seth Gamble hard and deep before taking his popshot in her mouth. Having read all these sexy details in Sky’s novel, Wylde is fully in the mood by the movie’s final scene, which finds him naming Sky as his “one true love” with a passionate bedroom romp.

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National Erection porn video from Jacquie et Michel ELITE.National Erection

Why to watch: Admittedly, our French is a little rusty, so we’re not sure we entirely picked up on all the nuances of the storyline. (It plays somewhat like a French version of House of Cards: a savvy political operator seizes power after party rivals perish in a plane crash.) Then again, the action in movies from the Jacquie et Michel ELITE line is always so elegant and sexy that you probably won’t mind if plot points are passing you by. One of the best things about European imports like this is that they feature amazing talent that is not as familiar to American audiences as Porn Valley superstars are. As fun as it is to see movie after movie with favorites like Angela White, Kendra Lust, and Alexis Texas, it’s always a nice change-up to be introduced to a new face. Julie Valmont, whose piercing eyes and luscious curves are a veritable siren call of beauty, is given a terrific showcase here. From the opening scene, where she receives oral sex from Thomas Crown, to the closing B/G/G threesome, she commands your attention at every moment. (Eat your heart out, Frank Underwood!)

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Kendra Lust pornstar

Sugar Porn Favorites: ‘The One I Lust’

The One I Lust from AE Films

Origins: The One I Lust is a porn variation on the mainstream movie The One I Love, which probed the nature of contemporary relationships with a twisty plot straight out of an episode of The Twilight Zone. (A couple visits a vacation retreat only to find it populated by doubles of themselves.)

Memorable scene(s): Kendra Lust‘s intense blowbang is a fantasy fulfilled, both for her character in the movie and for the audience. (Starts at timecode 01:17:25.)

Scene breakdown: boy/girl/girl (1), boy/girl (2), blowbang (1)

Trivia: The movie earned six AVN nominations, including actor nominations for Manuel Ferrara and lead male performer Steve Holmes.

Director’s chair: Kayden Kross, a former Digital Playground contract star who used this movie’s artsy vibe as a springboard for later similar efforts for TrenchcoatX.

Quotable: “The storyline for this movie was incredible, but the sex was even better! I loved working with Kayden on this, and did I mention the sex was fucking mind-blowing?” (Kendra Lust, as quoted by AVN)

The critics said: “For fans of Kendra Lust, high-gloss features, and/or thriller porn, this film’s definitely worthy of a look. Hands down and dicks up, it’s a winner!” (Adult DVD Talk)

Related titles: Kayden Kross’ Casting Couch.

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Mick Blue and Alexis Texas pornstars

New to Sugar Mar. 2: This Week’s Top Porn Picks

Naughty Daughter In-Laws porn video from Manipulative Media.Naughty Daughter In-Laws

Why to watch: A fussy English teacher would insist that the title should be Naughty Daughters-In-Law, but once you’re having sex with your in-laws, grammatical concerns seem like venal sins. Manipulative Media is very skilled at family roleplay, always finding a way to make their movies just filthy enough, without making you feel like you need to take a shower after watching. Scene one is a perfect example! It features the pairing of Tony D. and Sydney Cole, whose tryst is interrupted by Cole’s worried husband. (He thinks she may be having an affair. Boy, is she ever!) Tony is a big ol’ lunk and Sydney is a dainty wallflower, yet Tony’s charm and Sydney’s naughty smile make the pairing oddly believable. The chemistry in the remaining scenes is equally well-calibrated, meaning that this movie should appeal to fans of hot porn in general, not just family roleplay enthusiasts.

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Double Booked porn video from Adam & Eve.Double Booked

Why to watch: What would you do if you discovered that your vacation rental had been double booked, and there was another couple already there for a weekend? You’d probably demand a refund, zing the owners with a negative review, and reschedule your getaway for another time. What you probably wouldn’t do is stay and have sex with the proprietor, but then again, you don’t live in the alternate universe of porn land! Absent-minded Chloe Couture creates precisely that situation when she accidentally misplaces a piece of paper indicating some prior booking arrangements for the vacation cabin she manages for her brother. The overlapping visits from exasperated customers yield some sexy action, including a threesome with Couture, Applegate, and Jay Smooth. As is often the case with Adam & Eve movies, Double Booked is a good choice for couples.



Cybill Troy Is Vicious porn video from Severe Sex.Cybill Troy Is Vicious

Why to watch: Severe, vicious, wrath, sadism . . . these are just a few of the words you’ll find on the box art for Cybill Troy Is Vicious, and they give you a good idea of what to expect in this BDSM extravaganza. Domme Cybill metes out punishment to a series of servile slaves. Within the first five minutes of the movie, she’s already tied up her co-star’s penis and prodded it with the tip of her high-heeled shoes. Who wouldn’t submit under such circumstances?  More cock-and-ball torture, caning, and whipping follow. (Severe Sex co-owner Jimmy Broadway is such a familiar fixture of these movies that it’s almost hard to imagine him in any other scenario. Picture a Severe Sex movie and we’ll bet you’re imagining Jimmy standing there, naked, waiting to receive his latest punishments. Does he even own any clothes?)

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Assmatics 2 porn video from Bluebird Films.Assmatics 2

Why to watch: “My ass is the real Kristina Rose. I just cart it from set to set,” Kristina jokes early on in Assmatics 2. Like all the other stars in the film, Rose is defined by one signature characteristic: a perfect posterior! They all get reamed by enormous dicks in Assmatics 2, a movie so cheeky that it cheerfully makes wordplay out of the most unlikely source word, “asthmatics.” (We see a lot of porn movie titles here at Sugar, but porn puns about chronic medical conditions are among the less common ones.) Rose and Alexis Texas steal the show, but the movie is well worth watching in full, with solid supporting scenes from Phoenix Marie, Jenny Hendrix, and more.

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Gianna Michaels pornstar

Sugar Star Picks: Gianna Michaels

Busty star Gianna Michaels retired from porn in 2015, but what an incredible career she had! Let’s look back at her pornstar days by spotlighting some of her best scenes on Sugar Unlimited.

Scene five from Titty Sweat 2

Gianna Michaels stars in Titty Sweat 2.

“Titty sweat” sounds like one of those weirdly specific terms that has cropped up in the age of celebrity-pic blogs . . . think underboob, sideboob, and so forth. It seems only appropriate that a star with boobs the size of basketballs would work up her own “titty sweat” by shooting some topless hoops with the great Lexington Steele. After their game, they return to Lex’s place for a different type of one-on-one!

Scene starts at timecode 02:09:41

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Scene five from Jizz Junkies

Gianna Michaels stars in Jizz Junkies.

You know that when a studio wheels out the classic “cum-dripping” font for a movie, things are about to get very graphic. Jizz Junkies is certainly no exception, climaxing with a scene where Gianna’s scene partners ejaculate into a large glass bowl. You can probably imagine what happens next! Michaels is terrific in this scene, demonstrating that nobody else has quite mastered hungry, horny facial expressions and reactions as thoroughly as she has.

Starts at timecode 02:24:33

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Scene four from Super Naturals #8

Gianna Michaels stars in Super Naturals #8.

As the scene opens, the camera zooms so close into Gianna’s chest that it seems like your face is directly in between her breasts. That’s not such a bad place to be, is it? After plenty of shaking, jiggling, and giggling, Erik Everhard steps in to show Gianna a good time.

Scene starts at timecode 01:44:50

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Belle Knox pornstar

New to Sugar Feb. 23: This Week’s Top Porn Picks

Real College Girl: Belle Knox porn video from Adam & Eve.Real College Girl: Belle Knox

Why to watch: Knox was the belle of porn’s ball in 2014, gaining mainstream notoriety when it was disclosed she was a one-time law student who joined porn to help pay her tuition. (Her escapades even inspired a Lifetime telefilm!) This movie predictably but effectively plays the college-girl theme to the hilt. In the opening scene, Knox whips out the famous Magic Wand for some solo fun. Framed by Knox’s dainty 92-pound frame, the wand looks like a baseball bat, and the moment she places it against her clit, the pleasure that courses through her whole body seems just as big. And that’s only the beginning! Scenes with Johnny Castle (looking very much the frat boy), Natasha White, and Will Powers/Richie Black (in a threesome) are just as good. Knox has since left porn behind to return to her legal career, but this movie will make you wish she’d forget about the J.D. and focus on triple X.

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Teen Squirters 2 porn video from Lethal Hardcore.Teen Squirters 2

Why to watch: Humankind can be awfully puzzling. We can plan a mission to Mars, but we can’t seem to probe all the mysteries of the female orgasm, particularly female ejaculation. Is it true ejaculatory fluid or just urine? The discussion rages on, but we’re confident in saying that regardless of its biological nature, squirting makes for some very hot porn. The impressive gush emanating from Mandy Muse on the cover should tell you all you need to know! Goggles with windshield wipers might be necessary to survive all the scenes in Teen Squirters 2. As spectacular as the squirting is, Lethal Hardcore does happily avoid the temptation to turn the movie into a ridiculous carnival show. The climactic ejaculations in each scene are robust without seeming fake or absurd, which is the ideal balance in a movie of this sort.



Saturday Night Fever XXX: An Exquisite Films Parody porn video from Venom Digital Media.Saturday Night Fever XXX: An Exquisite Films Parody

Why to watch: The Bee Gees didn’t license any of their signatures tunes for use in this Saturday Night Fever porn parody, which is a shame, since it would have been fun to see hardcore sex scenes set to the undulating rhythms of “Stayin’ Alive” or “Night Fever.” What we get instead is a bunch of muzak knock-offs, but no matter! The movie delivers where it counts — stupendous sex with a ’70s style, mixed in with some surprisingly spot-on dance scenes from the ridiculously attired cast. John Travolta’s role is played by Seth Gamble, whose pointy lapels aren’t the only long and stiff thing he’s strutting. His love scene with an in-her-prime Allie Haze is the movie’s highlight (we just wonder how on earth he kept that Travolta wig from falling off).

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#MyAss porn video from ArchAngel.#MyAss

Why to watch: The asses here are so distinctive and memorable that ArchAngel decided they needed their own hashtag, like a special brand or new ad campaign. You may think that sounds excessive, but once you see these booties in action, you’ll understand. First and foremost, you’ll want to skip straight to Lola Foxx‘s scene, which spotlights her first-ever on-camera anal! James Deen does the honors and pulls one of his signature moves: anal penetration with left hand tight on the throat and other hand stimulating the clit. (Lola loves every minute of it!) Other highlights include anal fun with a truly top-shelf cast of stars: Bonnie Rotten (so transported with pleasure that at times she flops around like a rag doll as her eyes roll up to the back of her head), Maddy O’Reilly, Remy LaCroix, and Jada Stevens.

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Carolina Jones and the Broken Covenant porn video

Sugar Porn Favorites: ‘Carolina Jones and the Broken Covenant’

Carolina Jones and the Broken Covenant from Adam & Eve

Origins: The movie plays on the classic Indiana Jones trilogy (particularly Raiders of the Lost Ark) and was released to capitalize on publicity surrounding Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull‘s debut in spring 2008.

Memorable scene(s): The final threesome, starring Eva Rose (as Carolina Jones), Bree Olson, and Zenza Raggi, has as much razzle-dazzle as any of the effects-laden finales of the actual Indiana Jones series. (Starts at timecode 01:22:00.)

Scene breakdown: boy/girl/girl (1), boy/girl (4)

Trivia: The movie was shot entirely on location in Budapest, Hungary.

Trivia II: Sugar Instant (then known as Sugar DVD) co-sponsored a Carolina Jones contest when the movie was first released. Viewers were asked to submit their own two-minute short based on their interpretation of content available on the Carolina Jones official website.

Director’s chair: Ethan Kane, who also directed several other high-gloss movies for Adam & Eve. “I like working with him a lot. He’s known for his long days. It’s well worth it in the end. You’re happy with the outcome,” said Rose on her working relationship with Kane.

Quotable: “I stab Niki Blond to save Bree at the beginning of the movie. I put a drill through Steve Holmes‘s head.  All of the killing is in the beginning. I fought a monk. Not a real one, obviously. We had a fight scene.” (Rose on the movie’s action scenes, as quoted by AVN.)

The critics said: “Caroline ” makes for great ‘ date-night’ DVD couples viewage.” (Adult DVD Talk)

Related titles: Tomb Raider XXX: An Exquisite Films Parody.

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