New to Sugar Oct. 20: This Week’s Top Porn Picks!

My Brother Gave Me An Anal Creampie porn video from Tug Zone.My Brother Gave Me An Anal Creampie

Why to watch: The title beat us to the punch on this one, don’t you think? This movie’s name summarizes exactly what you can expect: family roleplay, anal, and internal cumshots. Unlike similar series such as I Came Inside My Sister (which Tug Zone clearly seems to be paying homage to, right down to the style of the cover art), My Brother Gave Me An Anal Creampie doesn’t start each scene with a plotline to explain how the step-siblings decided to get down and dirty. Instead, schoolgirl outfits and deceptively wholesome domestic interiors give us cues to the general theme of familial relationships gone naughty. An omnipresent rock-guitar soundtrack further sets a mood of “we’re bad and we love it.” The movie doesn’t skimp on detail when it comes to the climactic creampie moments either, showing them all in eye-poppingly explicit detail!

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Faye N' Georgia Birthday Bash Vol. 1 & 2 porn video from Bluebird Films.Faye N’ Georgia Birthday Bash Vol. 1 & 2

Why to watch: That would be Faye Reagan and Georgia Jones, whose proximate 21rst birthdays are celebrated in full XXX glory in this rollicking documentary/porno. Footage of the soiree is intercut with hookups from the party, including funtime for both the title gals and some of their guests of honor. Booze and beats flow deep into the night! Hot-tub shenangians that lead to a bedroom romp? Check. Lesbian experimentation? Check. Playful action that becomes full-on group sex, while the other party-goers cheer things on? Check. A poolside pounding? Check. “If this is their idea of a birthday bash, they can plan my next party,” says one Sugar Instant reviewer. We agree!

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Delicious porn video from Bluebird Films.Delicious

Why to watch: Delicious lives up to its name with lip-smacking action and an entertaining, well-developed storyline. Two popular genres merge in this effort from Bluebird Films: cooking shows and porn. Evan Stone plays a beleaguered cook whose culinary program is facing declining ratings. His solution is to bring on sexy local couples to share their favorite recipe and compete for a prize. The competition will be fierce, and much of the action strays from the kitchen and into the bedroom. Stone brings a leeringly smiling charm to his role as the primary host, and the complicated web of relationships within the movie’s plot give us all sorts of fun sex scenarios, including an obligatory dalliance on a kitchen countertop. Like a perfect meal, Delicious is tasty, tantalizing and leaves you utterly satisfied.

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Aaliyah Love: All You Need Is Love porn video from AE Films.Aaliyah Love: All You Need Is Love

Why to watch: Aaliyah Love was once a modest and blushing pre-school teacher, who was so shy about her body that she couldn’t show even a glimpse of skin without embarrassment. Oh, how the times have changed! All You Need Is Love gives you a front-row seat for every inch of Aaliyah’s beautiful bod as she romps through girl/girl anal, an interracial threesome and more. This was the fifth release from AE Films and it found the studio hitting its stride, with an enthusiastic, perky star in Aaliyah and a confident director in gonzo master Jay Rock. If you already love Aaliyah, her showcase should be at the top of your watch list, and if you’re hearing about her for the first time, this is the perfect introduction to her persuasive charms.

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Julia Ann stars in MILF Dreams porn movie.

New to Sugar Oct. 13: This Week’s Top Porn Picks!

Alice: A Fairy Love Tale porn video from Bluebird Films.Alice: A Fairy Love Tale

Why to watch: The oh-so-very British tale of Alice in Wonderland is given the porn treatment with added authenticity by Great Britain-based Bluebird Films. The rabbit hole goes deep — very deep, if you know what we mean — as the bored musings of Alice (Antonia Deona) are interrupted by a spanking, and things just get loopier from there. The fact that the cast is filled out by authentic Brits means there are no corny fake English accents to be found, but don’t let that fool you into thinking things are all prim and proper in Wonderland. Quite the opposite, in fact! After taking a potion that transports her to another realm, Alice roams into a fencing match where the blades are topped with rubber dildos, among other entertaining visual touches. Crazed orgies, girl/girl action, fetish play . . . the only thing missing is the Cheshire Cat (or would that be the Cheshire Pussy?).

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MILF Dreams porn video from AE Films.MILF Dreams

Why to watch: The older-woman fantasy has been a favorite porn genre for at least two decades, but it’s rarely gotten such an elegant showcase as in this effort from AE Films. Veteran photographer and porn director Holly Randall helms four vignettes of MILF passion with all her usual attention to detail. And the movie features a cast of cougars that is difficult to match: Julia Ann (the most famous MILF in the business), Cherie DeVille (Julia Ann’s heir apparent as the MILF to beat), Ava Addams (a French-born beauty representing Team Brunette) and Nina Elle (the youngest and punchiest of the bunch). It’s no coincidence that this movie is one of the very top all-time bestsellers in the AE Films line!

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Dirty Candy porn video from Popporn Productions.Dirty Candy

Why to watch: This is a misbehaving-teen extravaganza with a crass style designed to shock the viewer, and an overall tone just playful enough to get away with it. Miley May plays Candy, a sex-crazed girl who cannot stay in line regardless of what she does. As the film opens, she jots down her sexual experience in her journal: “I’ve only sucked 12 cocks. I’ve had 14 in my cunt and four in my ass. My stepmom thinks I’m a whore. My boyfriend thinks I’m a virgin.” The cynical stepmother hopes that Candy will change her ways, but the movie’s action proves any such hope is utterly forlorn. Candy seduces her tennis instructor, bribes a chauffeur with sex, challenges her sleepover buddies to try rimming, engages in some small-dick humiliation, plus other assorted debauchery. Dirty or not, this candy will definitely melt in your mouth.

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Double D Nurses porn video from Venom Digital Media.Double D Nurses

Why to watch: These nurses are terrible at their “real” job — caring for the sick — but total pros when it comes to alleviating sexual tension. Patients, doctors and even people in waiting rooms all become recipients of their tender loving care in the five scenes featured here. “You’re seducing me! You shouldn’t be doing that,” says Alec Knight‘s MD character at one point, but his sly smile tells he actually doesn’t mind one bit. Double D Nurses embraces the fantasy aspect of the “sexy nurse” scenario by putting its female cast in outfits that are so overtly provocative that there’s never even the slightest pretense of realism. And that’s exactly what we want from such a movie: chesty beauties who doff their nurse hats (and everything else) in double-quick time. The stars, including Spanish stunner Bridgette B., all boast precisely the perfect bosomy build for filling out their low-cut uniforms.  If you have an erection that lasts more than three hours . . . call the cast of this movie!

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New to Sugar: This Week’s Top Porn Picks!

Dirty Daniels porn video from AE Films.Dirty Daniels

Why to watch: This AE Films hit from 2016 is peak Dani Daniels, and what could be better than that? Daniels wrote the script herself and lends a personal touch to the action that sets it apart from other star showcases. The movie gives some interesting insight into its star’s attitudes toward sex and relationships. However, the plot never gets in the way of the hardcore fun, as Dani frolics through threesomes and B/G scenes with equal enthusiasm. But wait, there’s more! Holly Randall, the photographer behind many of those sexy Playboy photo spreads you stole glimpses of back in the day, is behind the camera to lend her peerless expertise at capturing erotic moments. XBIZ nominated it for Performer Showcase of the Year! A must-watch for Dani Daniels fans and porn fans in general.

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Katwoman XXX porn video from Bluebird Films.Katwoman XXX

Why to watch: Meow! “This cat never runs out of her special milk,” purrs Dylan Ryder‘s title character at one point, and this costumed caper has more than enough action to prove it. Cosplay movies often turn into a silly game of dress-up, but Katwoman XXX effortlessly balances its combination of schlock and sexiness. Though the plot concerns Katwoman’s efforts to stop Jo-Kerr from poisoning Gotham City’s water supply, the main concern is how many sexy latex-clad beauties you can stuff into one movie. Would it surprise you to learn that the answer is “quite a few”?

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My Handiwork 2: Teen Tuggers porn video from Pop One Productions.My Handiwork 2: Teen Tuggers

Why to watch: Stroke, shoot, repeat! Teen Tuggers situates you in a first-person position for handjobs from eager young stars, including appearances by performers like Jessie Andrews, Holly Michaels and more. The camerawork is pure POV all the way, sticking to a straight rendition of the stroking with minimal edits and cuts.  In a fun bonus, several of the girls narrate the action by describing their first-ever handjob experiences. Whether these tales are true or are just a porn version of Penthouse Letters is hard to say, but the aural aspect adds an interesting dimension and keeps the scenes from getting stale. It’s impressive “handiwork” either way!

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Who's Your Mommie? 5 porn video from Combat Zone.Who’s Your Mommie? 5

Why to watch: The cover asserts “100% certified MILF” and while we’re not sure what kind of inspection process such a label entails, we’re not going to quibble with it. These (mostly) blond MILFs don’t waste time with plotlines or set-ups; they just hop in bed with a young stud and get to work! That spirit of “I know exactly what I want” is precisely why we love MILFs to begin with, after all. The cast of Hungarian hotties is skillfully captured in action by director Alex Romero (who later started his own self-named studio). Mature, magnificent and unmissable!

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