Men In Black: A Hardcore Parody porn video

Top Porn Picks! New to Sugar July 13: ‘Men In Black: A Hardcore Parody’ & More

New movies are added to Sugar Instant’s Unlimited subscription service every single day! In this weekly rundown, we handpick four of the top porn picks of the week, movies you will not want to miss.

Men In Black: A Hardcore Parody porn video from Wicked Pictures.Men In Black: A Hardcore Parody

Why to watch: Intergalactic space criminals have met their match with the redoubtable high-tech law enforcement agency known as the Men in Black! Ethan Hunt and Randy Spears step into the roles made famous by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in this take-off of the popular sci-fi series. Hailed by Xcritic’s Don Houston as “funnier than the recent third volume of the mainstream series,” Wicked‘s version of Men In Black is surprisingly heavy on plot and elaborate alien special effects. The movie’s sense of humor and loopy subject material shine through, but it still makes plenty of time for hardcore sequences, too. Interestingly, it’s the scenes that limit the sci-fi trappings that succeed the best at pure titillation: India Summer‘s oral skills in scene one and Xander Corvus and Alektra Blue‘s BDSM hookup in scene three.

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Family Business porn video from Alex Romero.Family Business

Why to watch: Definitely not to be confused with the Sean Connery movie of the same name, this appealing varied effort from Alex Romero offers an accessible variation on the classic family roleplay theme. More fun than it is transgressive, Family Business keeps its tongue planted firmly in cheek. The opening scene finds London Keyes offering moral support to her stepmom, Sylvia Laurent, as she finalizes her divorce. When the papers are at last inked and the deal is sealed, the lawyer asks what Sylvia plans to do next. With a twinkle in her eye, Keyes says that Laurent wants very much to “get laid.” The lawyer is more than willing to do a little “pro bono” work in this case! After a doctor/patient tryst in scene two, scene three pivots into visually inventive territory with an amusing POV opener featuring Brooklyn Lee. Finally, scene four returns to the themes of scene one when a smartly dressed lawyer is seduced by his nubile stepdaughter.




Weird Science XXX porn video from Taboo Heat.Weird Science XXX

Why to watch: Following the lead of the 1980s John Huges movie that inspired it, Weird Science XXX features two horny young lads who use their technical wizardry to create the ideal woman from scratch. (In an amusing touch, the duo is seen scanning porn pics of Tanya Tate as data input for the sort of lady they’d prefer.) After some pyrotechnics, out pops the shapely Tate herself, who turns out to be even more than just an idealized beauty. With a few magic words, she is able to transform her lover’s penis into a kingly size that befits her hungry sexual appetites. Tate appears in three of the movie’s five scenes (including a lesbian tryst), but watch for equally fun performances by Katie K. and Abbie Cat.

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Alyssa Hart: My Life As A Pregnant Teenage Whore porn video from Blazed Media.Alyssa Hart: My Life As A Pregnant Teenage Whore

Why to watch: Billed as a “fucked up pornumentary,” this movie is just as outlandishly depraved as it sounds! Alyssa Hart, a redhead pornstar known for her youthful appearance, decides to let a camera crew record some of her wildest adventures during her pregnancy. The movie opens with an entertaining, somewhat unsettling scene where a Sam Kinison-esque character named Screamin’ Sam scolds Alyssa for being so irresponsible. Later scenes find Alyssa giving a handjob to her brother’s friend, shacking up with her stepsister, enduring a bizarre exam with her doctor, among other oddball adventures. By the time a midget shows up in scene six, the movie has descended into territory so surreal, it’s liable to leave your jaw resting on the floor. It you like your porn wild and weird, put My Life As A Pregnant Teenage Whore at the top of your watch list.

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Also new this week: My Stepmother is a Slut (read more here), Cock Loving MILFs and Perversion and Punishment

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My Stepmother is a Slut porn video

Sugar Porn Favorites: ‘My Stepmother is a Slut’

/2508846/my-stepmothers-is-a-slut-porn-videos.html from MariskaX

Origins/background: MariskaX, a production company from the Belgian star of the same name, presents a series of interconnected family roleplay scenes focusing on the naughty escapades of a stepmom and her family. The dialogue is in un-subtitled Dutch, but the broad strokes of the movie’s relatively simple story are easy to follow.

Memorable scene: Hubby and his wife find themselves in parallel affairs when he seduces a co-worker while his spouse (Marie Clarence) simultaneously indulges in a tryst back at home. The scene moves back and forth between these two steamy liaisons, the second of which eventually finds the stepson joining in for an irresistible threesome. (starts at timecode 00:55:54)

Scene breakdown: boy/girl (2), boy/boy/girl threesome (1)

Trivia: MariskaX herself, creative force behind the movie’s production label, contributes a cameo as an office worker.

Trivia II: The movie’s title Dutch title is Zo Vader Zo Zoon, which translates to Like Father, Like Son. Though framed as a family roleplay movie in its English incarnation, the movie also focuses on the father/son theme by showing that neither Dad nor his offspring can resist the spell of a beautiful women, even in the most inappropriate of circumstances.

Male call: Looking like a handsomer, taller version of Marty Feldman, the eccentrically charming Pascal White adds just as much pizzazz to the movie as his female co-stars do. He is given an entertaining role here as the father, who sleeps through his wife’s affair with his stepson but makes up for it by seducing the redhead beauty at his office.

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Mr. Skin porn videos

Top Porn Picks! New to Sugar July 6: ‘Game of Thrones’ Nude Scenes & More

New movies are added to Sugar Instant’s Unlimited subscription service every single day! In this weekly rundown, we handpick four of the top porn picks of the week, movies you will not want to miss.

The Greatest HBO TV Nude Scenes porn video from Mr. Skin.The Greatest HBO TV Nude Scenes

Why to watch: The creative minds over at HBO love nudity! Every HBO show this side of Curb Your Enthusiasm is drenched in T&A to go along with probing wit and incisive storytelling. We’re certainly not complaining, though! Mr. Skin, a nudie-scene website that has been compiling naughty film clips since 1999, does the dirty work for you by pasting together all of HBO’s saucy moments. Does anyone in Game of Thrones wear clothes at all? (Emilia Clarke, featured in the cover image, doesn’t have a single thread in her highly rewindable scene.) GoT steals all the most memorable moments in this compilation, but there are also tasty clips from True Blood (Anna Paquin), Boardwalk Empire, Big Love (Amanda Seyfried), and even Sex and the City (Kristin Davis). No need for an HBO subscription! As the back cover amusingly puts it, “Looks like your cable bill isn’t the only thing that’s going up!” Indeed!

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Girl Number 9 porn video from Adam & Eve.Girl Number 9

Why to watch: Dolly Leigh plays a phone sex operator who struggles to balance work, school, and her personal life. When a shy and sweet cutie (Lucas Frost) from her ethics class begins to call in to her sex-chat line, Dolly is initially put off by his unorthodox way of making an advance on her. Urged along by co-worker Melissa Moore, Dolly slowly begins to warm up to the idea of giving Lucas a chance. In between, Dolly’s phone sex call-ins are illustrated with sex scenes that bring her spicy wordplay to life. By the end of the movie, you’ll be ready to call in to “girl number 9,” too! (A surprisingly reflective, eclectic musical score adds a certain amount of atmosphere to the proceedings.)




Ashley Adams in Family Breakdown Vol. 1 porn video from Taboo Heat.Ashley Adams in Family Breakdown Vol. 1

Why to watch: Taboo Heat movies are perfect for family roleplay fans who want a darker take on the material than Forbidden Fruits or Digital Sin. In yet another envelope-pushing effort, Luke Longly plays a loutish white-trash stepdad with an American flag wife-beater and plenty of attitude. The opening scene finds him having his way with Cory Chase (Longly’s real-life wife) before discarding her as yesterday’s news. “That pussy ain’t shit no more,” he says ominously as he leaves. “That pussy doesn’t do nothing for me. I’m going to go get some of that young’un pussy we have in this house.” He zooms over to stepdaughter Ashley Adams‘s room and blackmails her into sexual favors by promising to leave her younger sister alone if she agrees to pleasure him. The remainder of the movie consists of further Adams/Longly couplings, including a blowjob on the toilet (Dad reads the sports page while Adams does the deed) and a striptease in the living room.

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Mommy & Me #3 porn video from Daring Media Group.A Lovers Tryst

Why to watch: A Lovers Tryst gives plenty of attention to romantic details that help establish chemistry and context for the sex scenes. Whether it’s a time shared in a bath (complete with candles nearby), breakfast in bed, or a stroll in the park, romance abounds in all five of the movie’s scenes!  No need to worry, though, if you’re interested largely in the hardcore stuff, since A Lovers Tryst certainly isn’t The Notebook in porn form (even if we do offer exactly that over on Sugar PPV). It concerns itself primarily with sex, but allows enough room for some mood-setting aspects that increase the movie’s overall impact.

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Also new this week: Who Was the Best Fucker? Please Pick Me! and Bootys From Da Boot

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Addams Family: An Exquisite Films Parody porn video

Sugar Porn Favorites: ‘Addams Family: An Exquisite Films Parody’

Addams Family: An Exquisite Films Parody from Exquisite

Origins/background: Charles Addams’s ghoulish crew of lovable oddballs turn XXX! Though generally rather family friendly and mild, the original Addams Family TV series (and movies) had a strong sexual undercurrent in the relationship between Morticia and Gomez, something that is explored and exploited to the hilt in this spoof.

Memorable scene: Remember Thing, the disembodied hand who helped the Addams family with everyday tasks? He is put to much more salacious use in scene two, which finds Morticia recruiting him to help her masturbate. Her visual inspiration? Some of the slurpiest blowjobs imaginable, which are occurring in the Addams family solarium.  (starts at timecode 00:20:06)

Scene breakdown: boy/girl (4), group sex (2)

Director’s chair: Rodney Moore, also well known for his transgender and cumshot movies.

Trivia: The role of Morticia was originally to be played by Amy Fisher (the so-called “Long Island Lolita” of Joey Buttafuoco fame). India Summer eventually ended up in the part. (AVN)

Quotable: The Addams Family is one of my all-time favorite TV shows, so working on it was a pleasure every day of shooting.” (studio co-founder Steviee Hughes, as quoted by AVN)

Awards: The movie scored seven nominations at the 2013 AVN Awards.

The critics said: “In short, The Addams Family XXX was a well done tribute parody that should offer a whole lot to fans from all generations, director Rodney Moore serving up quite a dish to appreciate compared to the ever noticeable decline in many of the works of his peers.” (Xcritic)

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My First Lesbian Sex Teacher 2 porn video

Top Porn Picks! New to Sugar June 29: ‘My First Lesbian Sex Teacher 2’ & More

New movies are added to Sugar Instant’s Unlimited subscription service every single day! In this weekly rundown, we handpick four of the top porn picks of the week, movies you will not want to miss.

Gangbang Creampie: Next Door Naturals porn video from Aziani.Gangbang Creampie: Next Door Naturals

Why to watch: The title of this movie from Aziani loads up on juicy porn keywords, each of which could themselves be the theme of an entire movie: gangbang, cream pie, and natural. These words are sandwiched in with “Next Door,” a phrase that seems oppositional to the other themes. But therein lies the charm of the movie: seeing sweet and sincere neighborhood girls cut loose in the most hard-driving action imaginable. In a nice touch, both scenes in the movie open with lengthy interview segments with the featured stars (Ella Knox and Skylar Snow), allowing us an extended glimpse into their personalities and previous experiences. Knox admits she’s never done anything bigger than a threesome before! That changes in a hurry once her scene begins in earnest . . .

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Schoolgirl P.O.V. porn video from New Sensations.Schoolgirl P.O.V.

Why to watch: Schoolgirl P.O.V. doesn’t waste much time with context and setups. Sure, each scene starts with some dialogue that establishes the characters — a girl answering the door to receive some flowers intended for her mother, or a guitar student deciding she’d like a lesson of a very different type — but for the most part, the movie is content to get down to business quite quickly. The point-of-view perspectives promised by the title bring everything straight into your face, with particularly strong blowjob action standing out above all. The schoolgirl theme is conveyed primarily through the costumes of the performers, so viewers looking for a full-on Brazzers style spoof might be disappointed, but the movie delivers an up-and-close erotic experience that should please die-hard fans of the 18+ teens genre.




Big Boob Bonanza porn video from Desire Productions.Big Boob Bonanza

Why to watch: Porn tends to throw around words like “bonanza” and “extravaganza” lightly, but Big Boob Bonanza earns its title the old-fashioned way by fully living up to the name. Not content with the normal slate of four or five scenes, Bonanza offers up an impressive 12 boob-tastic sequences, all featuring gorgeous stars known for their chesty assets. Any doubters need look no further than the cover of the movie itself, which spotlights Capri Cavanni‘s 34DD heavenly chest. If a dozen scenes of boob-heavy porn isn’t enough to satisfy your hardcore cravings for the week, we’re not sure what will!

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Mommy & Me #3 porn video from Filly Films.My First Lesbian Sex Teacher 2

Why to watch: Cherie DeVille has a heck of an O face. She clenches her teeth, throws her head back in ecstasy, and puts on an expression that combines rage, exhortation, and pleasure. The fact that she has such a sunny, pleasant demeanor in most circumstances makes the contrast with her intense O face all the more vivid. It’ll come as no surprise that she gets plenty of opportunities to show off that signature facial expression in My First Lesbian Sex Teacher 2, another memorable installment of lesbian action from Little Dragon Pictures. Like Schoolgirl P.O.V., Sex Teacher expands on the classic schoolgirl theme, this time with an all-girl twist. DeVille’s opening scene with Gina Valentina is probably the movie’s highlight, but also make sure to stay tuned for some enthusiastic rimming in the Savana Styles scene at the very end.

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Also new this week: Crazy Teenage Threesomes, Lisa Ann: Can’t Say No (read more about it here), and The Addams Family XXX

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Lisa Ann Can't Say No porn video

Sugar Porn Favorites: ‘Lisa Ann: Can’t Say No’

Lisa Ann: Can't Say No from Wicked Pictures

Origins/background: The movie was conceived in 2012 by Jonathan Morgan and Joy King as a vehicle to show Lisa Ann in a new light, with one-of-a-kind scenes that fans wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. They took the concept to Ann, who quickly agreed and contributed ideas of her own to the project. It was released to much fanfare in November 2012.

Memorable scene: Every scene in the movie was expressly designed to be unique and memorable, so it’s hard to choose just one! Lisa Ann’s opening solo scene is much more intense than your typical masturbation sequence, thanks to a series of unusually large toys (as evidenced by the featured image above). It’s also fun to see Lisa hook up with Jenna Presley in a team-up of superstars. The movie’s real showstopper comes at the very end, though: Lisa participates in her first interracial ganbang (featuring DP and anal). (starts at timecode 01:34:24)

Scene breakdown: solo (1), girl/girl (1), girl/girl/boy (1), boy/girl (2), group sex (1)

Director’s chair: Jonathan Morgan, who has directed exclusively for Wicked since the late 1990s.

Quotable: “Lisa Ann hand-picked everyone who was in this project. She really wanted to make sure she was working with people that she not only got along with but was sexually turned on by.” (Jonathan Morgan, as quoted by AVN)

Awards: Lisa Ann: Can’t Say No was nominated for several major awards, including AVN’s prize for Best Star Showcase. Its sole win came at the Fanny Awards, which named Can’t Say No its Movie of the Year.

The critics said: Lisa Ann: Can’t Say No gave Lisa Ann plenty of room to explore interracial action with men like Lexington Steele, an IR gang bang, a heated lesbian tryst, a BDSM-lite scene, and a POV scene as well as a bit of solo action so check it out and see why I liked it so much.” (Xcritic)

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Ultimate Gingers porn video

Top Porn Picks! New to Sugar June 22: ‘Ultimate Gingers’ & More

New movies are added to Sugar Instant’s Unlimited subscription service every single day! In this weekly rundown, we handpick four of the top porn picks of the week, movies you will not want to miss.

Sex Lies & Spies porn video from ArchAngel.Ultimate Gingers

Why to watch: Sugar Instant’s redhead category has just a fifth of the movies contained in the blonde and brunette genres. ArchAngel‘s Ultimate Gingers seeks to offset this imbalance with the power of a single towering ginger showpiece movie! Director Mimefreak takes full advantage of the visual possibilities of fair skin and lustrous red hair, combining it with interracial action that brings to mind the glamorous approach of Greg Lansky and Blacked. Each scene starts with an interview segment that allows each ginger beauty to expound on the singular appeal of being a redhead (Ella Hughes cites statistics about the rarity of genuine redheads in the world, saying they’re almost like unicorns). The movie moves into a whole new gear in scene four, which pairs cover stars Maddy O’Reilly and Lauren Phillips.

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My First Blowjob Did I Do Allright? porn video from TeenX.My First Blowjob Did I Do Allright?

Why to watch: The title sounds like the first line of a very dirty haiku. Appropriately, there’s plenty of hardcore poetry to be found in this Euro-porn effort from TeenX, which offers a series of brief vignette plots to set up the sex scenes. The movie’s name implies a blowjob focus, but in the end, it casts a wider net to include a variety of scenarios and types of action. Scene one gives us the full weight of a rambunctious 40-minute threesome before a change-of-pace 18+ teen scene that features homework segueing into sexual exploration. Scene three offers up an irresistibly pigtailed cute blonde whose proclivity for pumping iron gives way to pumping of an entirely different sort. Finally, scene four lets us sit in on a classic porn massage, the sort that starts with oil and a luxurious rubdown and ends with doggie-style sex and a creampie.




Anal Day 2 porn video from James Deen Productions.Anal Day 2

Why to watch: When James Deen “fools around,” he doesn’t fool around! As Anal Day 2 opens, he is delightedly eyeballing Holly Heart‘s barely covered butt, musing that it already seems open and ready for action. At other points during the movie, he uses his foot as an anal probe, playfully chokes Chanel Preston, and makes his co-stars gag on his thick endowment. Most of the movie is shot in an intimate handheld style, meaning this is the next best thing to being James Deen himself for a day. And when he gets to spend his days enjoying anal sex with the likes of Preston, Skin Diamond, and more, what could be better than that? Anal Day 2 will make your day.

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Mommy & Me #3 porn video from Filly Films.Mommy & Me #3

Why to watch: It’s not easy being a stepmom. You have to be a surrogate mother to a sullen daughter who probably will never fully accept you as a parental figure. That’s the conundrum the beautiful ladies of Mommy & Me #3 find themselves in, but they aren’t going to just throw up their hands and give in. They offer gifts, money, advice, and a sympathetic ear in an effort to win over their stepdaughters. When that doesn’t work, they try an entirely different approach, one that will appeal to the raging hormones of youthful cuties such as Shyla Jennings, Kendall Karson, and more. For the most part, the actors are very convincing in their roles, and the chemistry that the stars show once their clothes come off is quite tangible. Cherie DeVille is particularly memorable in her scene, taking a full 10 minutes of screen time to win over young, timid Shyla before they end up hooking up on the couch.

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Also new this week: Filthy Teen Seductions 2, Craving Teens, and Daddy’s POV Pleasures 2

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Hairy Twatter porn video

Sugar Porn Favorites: ‘Hairy Twatter’

The 8th Day from Adam & Eve

Origins/background: Though by the director’s own admission this 2012 movie doesn’t have “much of a plot,” Hairy Twatter was porn’s inevitable spoof of the famous J.K. Rowling fantasy franchise.

Memorable scene: The title isn’t just porn wordplay; it also forms the basis for the movie’s storyline (such as it is). In scene one, Katie St. Ives whips up her skirt to show Harry Potter (Seth Gamble) the hair that has grown there, courtesy a wizard’s spell. Harry can’t resist waving his “wand” for a spell of his own. (starts at timecode 00:02:44)

Scene breakdown: boy/girl (5)

Trivia: Thanks to its memorable pun title and popular mainstream source material, Hairy Twatter often shows up in Buzzfeed-style articles about notable porn spoofs. (AVN)

Trivia, part II: The movie boasts a special effect you definitely won’t see in the mainstream movie series. We’ll let the director take it from here: “There’s a spell that Harry does to make all the girls grow pubic hair; there’s a little special effect in there.” (AVN)

Director’s chair: Jordan Septo, the man behind the camera for many of porn’s most outrageous spoofs and parodies.

Quotable: “For this bald pussy, I do not care. Give me much much hair! Do it now, do it in rush: give me a big big bush!” (The spell Harry learns to make pubic hair grow)

Awards: Hairy Twatter scored Best Parody nods at both the Nightmoves and Sex Awards ceremonies.

The critics said: Hairy Twatter isn’t bad… it’s just silly. Like, silly-bordering-on-ludicrous silly. The accents are laughable, sometimes there and sometimes not, but always hailing from the Madonna Land of Inconsistent and Make Believe…” (Dr. Chauntelle, PVV Online)

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I'm a Pornstar Get Me Out of Here porn video

Top Porn Picks! New to Sugar June 15: ‘Sex Lies & Spies’ & More

New movies are added to Sugar Instant’s Unlimited subscription service every single day! In this weekly rundown, we handpick four of the top porn picks of the week, movies you will not want to miss.

Sex Lies & Spies porn video from Wicked Pictures.Sex Lies & Spies

Why to watch: “There are two types of people in this world: the weak and the strong,” Stormy Daniels‘s character pithily observes in one of her voice-overs. “I choose the strong.” Porn movies probably can be divided into those categories, too, and you can safely choose Sex Lies & Spies knowing that it falls into the latter group. Stormy plays an assassin whose career keeps playing havoc with her love life. Back from a job where she “eliminated the competition,” she can’t even find time to catch up with her lover (director Marcus London) before being called in for another assignment. This time, though, the tables will be turned when she finds herself hunted by an assassin every bit as deadly (and sexy) as herself: Kaylani Lei. It’s probably no spoiler to say that Stormy gets the better of things in the end, but Kaylani scores some of the movie’s juiciest sex scenes, including a tumble with Marcus London at the film’s close (shortly before being dispatched in cold-blooded fashion by Stormy).

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I'm a Porn Star Get Me Out of Here! porn video from Television X.I’m a Porn Star Get Me Out of Here!

Why to watch: For those not up to date on their British television shows, I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! is a sort of celebrity version of Survivor that has made a successful run on U.K. TV since 2002. Television X, ever eager to spoof even the most obscure and unusual aspects of English culture — this is the same studio that somehow turned Brexit into a porn parody, after all — offers up another entertainingly sexy adventure with its own riff on the concept, I’m a Porn Star…Get Me Out of Here! Some of the movie’s pop culture references flew over our heads, leaving the humor a little flat, but no matter! The video delivers where it counts most, with enough cleavage to make your eyes nearly pop right out of your skull. (The movie starts with bouncing boobs, moves directly into 3D animations featuring penis-shaped airplanes, and just gets more outrageous from there.)




Mother-Son Secrets #4 porn video from Forbidden Fruits Films.Mother-Son Secrets #4

Why to watch: Mother-Son Secrets #4 is only five years old,  yet it still feels like a bit of a throwback for fans of Jodi West and Forbidden Fruits Films. The company’s logo is entirely different — almost unrecognizable, in fact — and Jodi herself looks somewhat different from her current ultra-blond MILF incarnation. Even so, the company’s familiar familial themes are well in evidence! We have the usual array of misbehaving stepsons, including Levi Cash, who talks with his mouth full, drinks milks straight from the jug (this might be considered foreshadowing), and wears a shirt that reads “I Love 2 Fart.” Stepmom Jodi just doesn’t know what to do with him! And just wait until you see what happens when he gets a little bit handsy . . .

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Big Natural Tits Creampies porn video from Lethal Hardcore.Big Natural Tits Creampies

Why to watch: Well, it is what it says! The formula for this movie from Lethal Hardcore is simple: take a bosomy beauty and fill her up with a nice internal popshot! Big Natural Tits Creampies takes time to satisfy fans of both fetishes it represents. Natasha Nice spends a large portion of her scene showing off her impressive (and entirely natural) 36D chest, but the scene’s second half, where Nice lets a thick cumshot drip back out of her vagina, is equally alluring. Natalia Starr, Katy Jayne, and finally Rachel Raxx (offering plenty for the big-butt fetishist to enjoy) also show up for similar treatment. Let ‘er rip! (Or would that be “Let ‘er drip”? Either way!)

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Also new this week: Family Affairs, Trained for Submission, and Interracial Hot Wives

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Sugar porn video rentals

Sugar Introduces VOD Porn Rentals

You don’t always want to buy. Sometimes, you’re in the mood to sample or try out a particular scene or fetish movie, but you don’t want to add them permanently to your collection. Sugar is pleased to introduce a new option that will open up a new dimension to your Sugar porn-watching experience: VOD rentals. The rental option is like your own mobile video store! Browse and watch a whole range of high-quality content with the increased flexibility of renting.

With prices starting as low as $3.99 each, four of five porn rentals cost the equivalent a single full-price DVD or VOD purchase. Your porn-watching dollars can go further than ever before! Most rentals are available for a default two-day window, but longer rental periods of seven and even 30 days can be purchased for just two dollars more, giving you plenty of time to watch and re-watch even the longest movie in full. (The time may be ripe to check out Adam & Eve‘s nearly five-hour epic The 8th Day!) Certain premium titles, such as those from Jules Jordan Video and Blacked, are available at a higher base rate for a default rental period of seven days. Rentals are fully compatible with all Sugar-enabled platforms, including Roku, and can also be used in conjunction with Sugar’s enhanced shopping cart. Start browsing now! You’ll find the rental option in the pay-per-view section of each item’s purchase options, below “Download to Own” and above “DVD.”

Threesome Addiction porn video